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278 | "Microtasks Redefine AI Training Data" with Thomas Forss from StageZero Technologies
Episode 2784th December 2023 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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✅ Pivotal Shift in Company Focus: StageZero Technologies transitioned from game development to AI technology development, leading to the creation of Microtasks, a unique approach to AI training data using gamers.

✅ Microtasks Revolutionize Data Collection: Microtasks redefine AI training data collection by integrating small tasks within games, primarily mobile games. Gamers perform tasks like speech recognition, contributing valuable data for machine learning algorithms.

✅ Ethical and Global Data Collection: The integration of microtasks ensures a global reach for data collection, especially in English. The ethical approach involves incentivizing gamers worldwide, providing value to players while obtaining diverse and cost-effective data.

🔗 Episode Summary:

In episode 278, Thomas Forss, CEO of StageZero Technologies, shares the company's transformative journey from game development to the creation of Microtasks. The pivotal shift arose from the realization that resources were insufficient for both game and AI technology development. Microtasks revolutionize AI training data collection by integrating small tasks within games, offering gamers incentives like in-game currency. Thomas highlights the ethical and global aspects of data collection, emphasizing the unique value exchange between the company and players.


00:00 Intro

00:21 The Journey of StageZero Technologies

01:41 Understanding Microtasks

03:16 Incentivizing Gamers

04:27 Value of Data Collection

05:07 User Experience and Task Examples

06:32 Applications of Collected Data

07:28 Ethics and Global Reach

08:22 Contact StageZero

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