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Day 1328 – Accomplish Great Things – Ask Gramps
21st February 2020 • Wisdom-Trek © • H. Guthrie Chamberlain, III
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Wisdom-Trek / Creating a Legacy

Welcome to Day 1328 of our Wisdom-Trek, and thank you for joining me.

This is Guthrie Chamberlain, Your Guide to Wisdom

Accomplish Great Things – Ask Gramps

Wisdom - the final frontier to true knowledge. Welcome to Wisdom-Trek where our mission is to create a legacy of wisdom, to seek out discernment and insights, and to boldly grow where few have chosen to grow before.

Hello, my friend, I am Guthrie Chamberlain, your captain on our journey to increase wisdom and create a living legacy. Thank you for joining us today as we explore wisdom on our 2nd millennium of podcasts. This is Day 1328 of our trek, and it is time for our Philosophy Friday series. Each Friday, we ponder some of the basic truths and mysteries of life and how they can impact us in creating our living legacy.

As we continue on this trek called life, sometimes we have questions about life, so our Friday trek is a time where we can “Ask Gramps.” Gramps will answer questions that you would like to ask your dad or granddad, but for whatever reason, you are unable to. No matter how old we are, I know that all of us would like the opportunity to ask dad or gramps questions about life in many areas.

We may mix it up a bit on our Friday episodes, but we will strive to keep them down to earth and enjoyable. If you have any questions that you would like to ask Gramps, please email them to

So the question for this week is…

“Hey Gramps, I don’t desire to be mediocre in life, but to accomplish great things that will impact the lives of those around me. What nuggets of wisdom do you have that will help me to accomplish great things?”

Accomplish Great Things

We are an instant-results, quick-fix society. Quality gets sacrificed along the way. People are seen only as clients and consumers. Relationships that are going to require effort to create or repair are just abandoned. Corners are cut, rules are broken, and disastrous consequences follow. In the aftermath, we either wonder why we feel so empty or blame God for letting us down — or both. This is not how we accomplish great things and make a great impact.

First, our mindset and priorities must be correct. You must ask yourself, why do you desire to accomplish great things? You mention to make an impact on the lives of others, but why…For your own honor, or to really help others? When our mindset is correct, we won’t care if we personally receive honor, but instead we will desire to make an impact to build God’s kingdom here on earth, as it is in heaven, and to bring honor and glory to God.

Second, instead of bringing attention to ourselves, we must be reflective so our lives exude tidbits of practical wisdom as we interact with others on a daily basis. To gain that wisdom, we must read and study God’s Word daily. It is then our lives will reflect those tidbits of wisdom that come from the master teacher.

Third, don’t be foolish enough to think you can set everything right in a single day. Be wise enough to know you can do a little bit each day to reach your stated desire. Here are some examples of what I am sharing…You can't build a championship-caliber team in a day. No single play in the game plan turns losers into champions. No one sales meeting transforms a company's bottom line. No weekend marriage or parenting seminar can set right the impaired relationships of a struggling family. No one sermon or inspirational worship time defines a church to set right its troubles or lift it from the doldrums.

Today is the only day that matters. Yesterday will never change. Learn from it, but remember you'll never change it. Tomorrow is yet to be. What can only be affected is today. Your desire is to make a small impact towards greatness each day.

So, deepen your faith, strengthen your family, focus your career path, encourage a friend, repair a damaged relationship — today. Just a tiny bit. Without expecting a lot. Then trust God to work over the long haul to bring you an outcome that is right and holy. The mosaic of life is created from the tiny fragments we call today.

This should be your prayer each day from Psalm 118:24-25.

This is the day the Lord has made.

We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Please, Lord, please save us.

Please, Lord, please give us success.

Accomplishing great things and making a great impact on others is a very slow trail that we must hike each day. It is a gradual dawning like the first glimmer of sunlight each morning until it reaches the full light of day. Within a matter of years, the veil will be removed, and you can look back over the rocky path that you have climbed to realize that you have made an impact on others because you can see the results from the summit. The Apostle Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 3:18, "So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image."

That is a wrap for today’s question. Join us again next Friday for another question on our Ask Gramps episode. Our next trek is Mediation Monday, where we will help you reflect on what is most important in life. So encourage your friends and family to join us and then come along on Monday for another day of our Wisdom-Trek, Creating a Legacy.

If you would like to listen to any of the past 1327 daily treks or read the associated journals, they are all available at I encourage you to subscribe to Wisdom-Trek on your favorite podcast player, so each day will be downloaded to you automatically.

Thank you for allowing me to be your guide, mentor, and, most of all, your friend as I serve you through the Wisdom-Trek podcast and journal.

As we take this trek together, let us always:

  1. Live Abundantly (Fully)
  2. Love Unconditionally
  3. Listen Intentionally
  4. Learn Continuously
  5. Lend to others Generously
  6. Lead with Integrity
  7. Leave a Living Legacy Each Day

I am Guthrie Chamberlain reminding you to Keep Moving Forward, Enjoy Your Journey, and Create a Great Day Everyday! See you on Monday!