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Episode 3213th January 2021 • Talking Home Renovations with the House Maven • Katharine White MacPhail//Gabl Media
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This podcast is intended resource for homeowners hoping to learn as much as they can about home renovations before starting their own. In this episode I have a very enjoyable conversation with George Smart- the founder and executive director of US modernist and NC modernist, non profit organizations dedicated to the documentation, preservation and promotion of modernist design. He is a sought after speaker all over the country and I was thrilled to have him as a guest. I must have said his work was amazing a dozen times but I can’t help myself. 

We talked about the information on his website, what is a modernist house, what is modernism, how is it different from contemporary, how to document houses in your area, how to hire an architect and contractor for your own modernist house, what is it like to live in a modern house and how you can go on a modernist tour with George and his entourage. Also check out his great podcast US Modernist Radio.

about this week's guest: George Smart, one dark and stormy night in 2007, started what has become USModernist®, the largest open digital nonprofit educational archive for Modernist residential design in the world. George and his intrepid team of wildly dedicated volunteers and staff have won 16 local, state, and national awards, including the 2016 AIA Institute Honors for Collaborative and Professional Achievement, the AIA's highest award for non-architects. He appears in the 2020 architecture documentary Frey II by Jake Gorst.


Big news- Talking home renovations will now be a weekly show.  

I’ll be including a series called Renovation Stories, which will feature homeowners who have fun and dramatic stories to tell. We can all learn from each other and I can’t wait to hear what your renovation was like. If you’d like to tell your story or if you have a suggestion for an episode, please send me an email-

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