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"I Can't Live Your Life For You"
Episode 916th September 2021 • Casting Light • Guiding Light
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Daniel came to Guiding Light after struggling with a chaotic life and an addiction to heroin for years. He describes himself at the time as someone who had become institutionalized to the routine of coming in and out of rehab and having others take care of him. “Believe me I would have loved for someone to give me a 5-step plan and told me ‘this what you have to do to be successful’ but I was given an opportunity here to figure that out for myself in a safe place…and I had never been in a place where I felt safe before.”

The change Dan experienced at Guiding Light coincided with the hard lesson he was taught; that nobody was going to help him until he learned to help himself.

Today, Daniel has been sober for over two years, is going to college, and is working as a recovery coach at the very same detox clinic he found himself strung out in years ago. The opportunity to pay it forward and help others struggling with the same issues that brought him to his knees is something he considers to be a blessing and something he could not have achieved without taking that first step through the doors of Guiding Light.