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Flow And Grow Expert Interviews - Tom Bailey EPISODE 45, 7th June 2021
How To Position Yourself As A Top Expert Through Featured Interviews - With Cloris Kylie
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How To Position Yourself As A Top Expert Through Featured Interviews - With Cloris Kylie

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Cloris Kylie.

Cloris Kylie, MBA, is the bestselling author of Beyond Influencer Marketing and host of the top-rated “Beyond Influencer Marketing” podcast. With a background in industrial engineering and digital marketing, she helps expertise-based entrepreneurs build authority, grow their list, and get ideal clients by collaborating with influencers. She has been featured on platforms with millions of followers including network TV, top-ranked podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs. Her motto is “reveal your magnificence.”

Why you've got to check out Cloris's episode:

- Discover how Cloris helps coaches, consultants and course creators who want to be visible and are tired of being the worlds best kept secret.

- Understand the biggest challenge of this lack of visibility, where her clients know they have great expertise but don't have the client flow that they want.

- How this creates a downward spiral of imposter syndrome, self doubt, and how this will hit you if you are not seeing the results you know that you deserve. And ultimately will become another one of the statistics of failed entrepreneurial ventures.

- Realise that you already have value to offer to influencers, and how you don't need a best selling book or TED-X talk to show you have value.

- Get access to Cloris's Influencer guide which gives you the 15 ideas you need to gain the attention of influencers, and how important it is to nurture the relationship with the influencer with the end result in mind.

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