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Hilda Lingle: Tragic Accident or Murder?
Episode 1114th December 2021 • Fox Cities Murder & Mayhem • Gavin Schmitt
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Hilda Lingle, 27, was shot on April 19, 1943 as she assembled lunch in the kitchen of her Kaukauna, Wisconsin home. A bullet from a small caliber rifle struck her in the back of the neck and ranged upward into the head. John Lingle, 28, found his wife on the floor and immediately called their doctor, who rushed over. Upon arriving, the doctor quickly realized there was nothing he could do. Lingle said the shot was fired while 4-year old Marjorie, at his request, was taking his rifle to its upstairs place of safekeeping. The doctor decided that the shooting – whether an accident or not – was a matter for authorities, and he contacted the police. 

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