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88. Here's My Top Tips To Overcome Stuck Emotions, Use Face Yoga And Grow Your Business
Episode 8811th July 2021 • The Face Yoga Expert Podcast • Danielle Collins
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This week we delve in to Face Yoga, wellness, illness, recovery, business tips and emotional blocks. I was a guest on Poppy Delbridge's Podcast, Rapid Tapping and I wanted to share the episode on here as we delve in to some very interesting conversations.

Poppy and I discuss: 

  • How mindset change, Yoga and breathing were some of the most distinctive techniques in helping me recover from a chronic illness. 
  • The healing power within all of us and how to unlock it through understanding that it is okay to be ill and ‘imperfect’. 
  • Scaling a passion business and the grit and patience needed to find success.  
  • Working through mental blocks and finding authenticity to achieve success.  
  • Dealing with rejection. 
  • Tapping into unconscious triggers which hold us back in our daily lives. 
  • Holding tension in our jaws and how this manifests tension in our lives. 
  • Face massaging tips to open the third eye and tuning into your intuition. 
  • How Face Yoga works and why 
  • The Emotional Freedom Technique tapping sequence which Poppy leads me through 

In the intro you will also hear a lovely story from one of our qualified Face Yoga teachers Ginger Marie Corwin about why she trained as a Face Yoga teacher. You can connect with her via her website and IG @gingermariecorwin. 

You can connect with Poppy Delbridge via and poppydelbridge 

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