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Eliminate Clutter to Make Room for What Matters with Kathi Burns
Episode 1043rd May 2022 • The Driven Woman Entrepreneur • Diann Wingert
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Kathi Burns definitely found her calling as a professional organizer. She has been helping others eliminate clutter for over 17 years, has written an entire book on the subject, hosts a weekly podcast called Organized and Energized, and is even more enthusiastic about eliminating clutter to create more freedom than she was when she started.  

Once I learned that Kathi had been a travel writer who literally lived out of a suitcase and that she has also lived on a boat, I knew she was a bona fide expert in doing more with less.  This conversation was both informative and fun, because I know quite a bit about productivity, but learned so much from Kathi about the benefits of tackling our problems with paper.  

Addressing our paper piles is an easy way to create more order in our environment and eliminating them frees up both space and energy, reduces distractions, and increases clarity. We all have better things to do than spend an average of 3 hours a week searching for things, which is one of the eye-opening facts Kathi shared in this lively conversation.  

After implementing her Get It Gone system, Kathi promises her clients that they can find anything they need in 30 seconds. How’s that for a value proposition?  So, if you’re ready to listen and learn from this self-proclaimed Paper Wrangler, and go from piling to filing, let’s jump right in! 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Kathi’s 5 category paper organization system
  • The 3 main saboteurs of being organized
  • Letting go is a muscle that needs regular exercise
  • Less stuff = more clarity + fewer distractions

Mic Drop Moment:  “Paper weighs more than anything else, both physically and psychologically.” Kathi Burns, CPO 

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