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Episode 19: If I Needed Money Now - This is What I'd do
Episode 198th December 2022 • Remote Millionaires • Offline Sharks LLC
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What would you do if you needed money right now? Would you get a loan, borrow from friends and family, or sell some stuff? In today's episode, Tom shows you exactly what to do if you need to generate cash in the next three days. If you take action and do what he lays out, you can generate cash flow and have some success. Tom has seen this method work with many people he has taught. But, you must do two essential things for this method to work. First, listen. Then, take action. If you're curious about this method and want to try it, jump right into this episode of the Remote Millionaires podcast. 

“You just got to do the unsexy work, and you just got to make that outreach and keep doing it until you make your first sale.” (10:30)

- Tom Gaddis


In This Episode:

  • If you need to generate money now, forget about these things…
  • How to sell pre-built websites, why this product is sure to sell, and pricing recommendations
  • Discover the method that will surely help you generate money quickly
  • Does this method really work?

And much more…


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