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Using AI to Accelerate Your Team's Prospecting Workflow with Wissam Tabbara #037
Episode 3723rd June 2023 • The Sales Consultant Podcast • Derrick Williams
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[1:40] The problem that Wissam is helping to solve with Truebase.

[5:00] The golden standard prospecting journey that is happening in most companies and the exact steps reps have to jump through in order to research their leads.

[13:00] Writing a hyper personalized email.

[19:00] We discuss how many hours every week SDRs spend on researching their leads which leads to a discussion about Truebase’s AI platform and how they are speeding this up.

[26:00] How Truebase’s search capability works

[28:00] How Truebase sources their data.

[30:00] Truebase’s AutoPilot feature explained.

[34:00] Operationalizing look-a-like sales motions; the challenge and the solution.

[37:00] We discuss what goes into setting up the Truebase platform.

[40:00] How Truebase’s AI-based Content Generator feature helps write personalized emails.

[46:00] Wissam explains how they help users create personalized sequences for individual leads which he calls “Hyper Personalization At Scale”.

[51:00] We cover how their pricing is structured and how a platform like theres displaces other tools.

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