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75 Hard: Winning the War with Yourself - Episode 14
Episode 1429th April 2022 • All or Nothing in Real Estate • Matt Smith
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Is 75 Hard just a fitness program?? and can it impact your business??

We head into the deep on an iconic Andy Frisella mental toughness program: 75 HARD.

And we are excited to welcome a special guest and veteran of 75 Hard: Julie Remmark

Julie Remmark is a property manager to Integrity Property Management located in St. Robert, MO. Matt and Julie have completed 75 Hard twice and Matt is currently completing Phase 3 (which takes 75 Hard even further).

In this episode, they talk about the GRIT needed to complete this program and how it impacts every aspect of their lives.

✅ Defeating self-negotiation and becoming the champion of your own life.

✅ Building consistency and better habits to build fervent discipline.

✅ Shaping your mindset around your goals to ensure success

✅ Overcoming your bitch voice to create leverage in your business and life

✅ Utilizing your "why" to build momentum and motivation

This episode will help shape, challenge, and evaluate your mindset to fuel your business. You don't want to miss it.

Matt's Reflections from Round 2 of 75 HARD:

Matt's Reflections from Round 1 of 75 HARD:

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