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Tracey Yurko – Get To Your Highest and Best Use
Episode 3914th September 2021 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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Constantly Loop and Improve

Tracey Yurko is the Chief Legal Officer for Bridgewater Associates. Bridgewater is a global macro hedge front located in Westport, Connecticut, with 150 billion dollars of assets under management.

[01:14] Tracey's role, leading the hedge fund legal department.

[04:18] Her role has evolved over the last year.

[06:57] ‘There's a whole bunch of work that needs to get done, we can't ignore it for loftier explorations.’

[07:35]  Place value on innovation. Constantly loop and improve.

[10:00]  Successful personas that have a curiosity mindset, connect with the business and operate digitally.

[12:00]  We can configure everything like a machine.  If you have a good machine, you'll have consistent outcomes.

[13:52] Lawyers getting to their highest and best use through technology.

[16:24] Do you want a bunch of different hammers or a toolbox with different tools?

[18:30] When it comes to diversity, demand more from your law firms.

[20:06] Don't be afraid to ask for mentorship and to seek mentors out.

[22:24] Leadership in tough times requires …