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Finding Opportunities to Bridge the Gap in Dental Staffing
Episode 8016th November 2023 • Beyond Bitewings • Edwards & Associates, PC
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What lengths would you go to to fix a problem that’s affecting quite a few others within your industry?

In this episode of Beyond Bitewings, Ash welcomes Dr. Joseph Hull of Hull Dental Health. Dr. Hull is a dental practice owner in a more rural area of South Dakota, and discusses the problems with finding qualified staff, especially after the pandemic. 

Instead of accepting things as is, Dr. Hull decided to find ways to improve the situation by finding new solutions and seeing what he would do to make his own state change laws and offer further training. This law would teach dental assistants to provide coronal scaling or scaling of the teeth above the gum.

This would help alleviate some of the problems with staffing he’s been experiencing in his practice. After seeing other states have been allowing this for quite some time and other states are just passing their law allowing it, Dr. Hull is trying to push for more states to do the same. He has now talked to his association for the state of South Dakota and is working on other ways to help figure out how they can implement this. 

This is an excellent example of leading and trying to have an impact on something bigger than just what’s happening in your office. It’s also about helping others in an impactful way. 

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