50: The Busy Trap
Episode 5028th May 2021 • Hot Young Designers Club | Interior Design Business Podcast • Hot Young Designers Club
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Boring content alert! We're tired of romanticizing busy culture. We don't want to keep talking about how busy we all are so we're taking back the narrative and organizing our priorities. This week's episode focuses on taking our live's back, and designing our business around healthier and more sustainable practices for ourselves.

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Stuff they mentioned:

Rebecca is trying a new way to name her project files.

She was inspired by some examples she saw from Sandra Funk

If you're into an Australian drama, you might like Offspring on Netflix

Shaun's feeling good about his Botox journey

We walk about the dangers of a busy and stressful lifestyle

Why are we culturally promoted to be part of a busy culture?

Let's stop romanticizing being stressed, and let's stop talking about it.

Talking about how busy we all are is boring content.

Step away from the social media comparisons

Let's commit to doing better for physical and emotional well-being

Let's leave space in our lives to find new and different things other than our businesses and design.

Say no to the things you don't want to do to make room for the things you do want to do

Don't exchange your gratitude for what's happening to be stressed about it

It all linked back to mastering our time like we learned about when we read The Big Leap

Try new tactics like not scheduling meetings on Mondays or Fridays



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