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Tackling Imposter Syndrome with Cass Dunn
Episode 12227th April 2023 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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In today’s episode we are taking a deep dive into the increasingly relevant topic of Imposter Syndrome with Cass Dunn. Cass is a Clinical & Coaching Psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher. She hosts one of Australia’s highest-rated health and wellbeing podcasts, ‘Crappy to Happy’, and is the author of three best-selling ‘Crappy to Happy’ books – all aimed at helping people find more meaning and joy in life, work and relationships.  


She has also recently published an Audible Original called ‘The Imposter Solution’, which outlines her 5-step framework for overcoming imposter syndrome and cultivating unshakeable self-confidence.  


For several years, Cass has been the expert psychologist on some of Australia’s most popular celebrity fitness programs, regularly sharing simple, science-based strategies to help thousands of men and women to manage their minds, boost their mood and achieve their personal goals  


Today, she’s sharing some of that expertise with us, and helping us better understand and manage those feelings of self-doubt that many of us experience from time to time.  



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