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Episode 83: Jota Cuspinera, Spanish Basketball Development
20th November 2019 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Jota Cuspinera, Spanish Basketball Development  Guest: Jota Cuspinera, Fuenlabrada Basketball Head Coach   In this week’s coaching conversation, Fuenlabrada head coach Jota Cuspinera joins the Basketball Podcast to discuss Spanish Basketball Development. Best teaching practices and things that we used to teach and don't anymore are presented throughout the podcast.   This is Cuspinera's second stint as head coach of Fuenlabrada. In 2015, he arrived at Fuenlabrada as an assistant coach to Zan Tabak. After Tabak's departure to Maccabi, Cuspinera started his first head coaching position in the ACB. He has also served as head coach of Basket Zaragoza 2002.   Jota has been an assistant coach for nine seasons with ACB teams including Estudiantes, Real Madrid, and Baskonia. He has been a part of titles as a champion of the Copa del Rey and Supercopa and runner-up of the ACB and Euroleague. He also has extensive Spanish national team coaching experience. He was a part of cadet gold in 2006, cadet silver in 2007 and junior bronze in 2013.   Breakdown 1:00 - Why Spanish Basketball is so Successful 4:30 - The Importance of Players in Coaching 7:00 - Using the Chest Pass in Terms of Coaching 9:00 - Good Defense 11:00 - Shoot Layups on the Top of the Head 13:00 - Shooting Feet Must Point To The Basket 17:00 - Discussion about Footwork 19:30 - Things Defensively That We Don't Think About 21:00 - Overemphasize Being Low 24:00 - teaching Closeouts 26:00 - Traditional Teaching of the his Concepts 28:00 - Slow Learning 5-on-5 31:00 - Small Sided Games 33:00 - Teaching Kids Something New 36:00 - The Concept of Imitating 39:00 - The Concept of the Floater 42:30 - Allowing Mistakes and Finding Solutions 47:00 - Skills Equals Confidence 49:00 - Practice Offense vs Defense 54:00 - Traditional Methods 55:30 - Mentorships His Done 1:00:00 - Immersing 1:01:00 - Conclusion   Jota Cuspinera’s Bio Bio: Twitter:    Basketball Immersion Website: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook:   See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at




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