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In the studio: when to quit and when to slog through? /38
Episode 3817th October 2022 • Unearthing Art • Bec Leigh and Michele Luminato
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As of July 2023, we won't be posting new episodes but you can connect with Bec & Michele and continue the conversation via the links below.

Michele has a NEW Podcast - Join her over at 'Sellable Art That Feels Like Me' to hear more.


Bec hit a rough patch in the art studio (again!) and came to Michele for advice… If she’s not seeing a way forward with an idea should she abandon it and look for something else?

This conversation takes some interesting twists and turns as Bec pushes Michele to be more specific about when she prioritises open, exploratory thinking and when she gets more decisive and commits to a specific path with her art. Bec might be looking for a never-fail formula but Michele has a different sort of answer.


Let's continue the conversation in OriginArt

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New Podcast: 'Sellable Art That Feels Like Me'

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