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Cheer to Champion: A Former NFL Cheerleader's Marathon from Wheelchair to Victory
Episode 349th November 2023 • Get Celebritized • Aurea McGarry
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"Triumph Run: Krystalore's Marathon Journey from Wheelchair to Finish Line"

Dive into an inspiring episode of "Get CELEBRITIZED" with Emmy Award-winning host, Aurea McGarry, as she unfolds the remarkable story of Krystalore Crews.

From the highs of NFL cheerleading to the life-altering challenge of a wheelchair, Krystalore's indomitable spirit saw her running not just one, but 25 marathons and a grueling 50-mile race, sans medication.

Discover the resilience that fuels her extraordinary comeback and the suite of strategies she offers to those yearning to rise above their own challenges. Tune in for a dose of hope and be inspired to take your own steps towards triumph, regardless of the hurdles you face. Join us and witness a true testament to the power of the human spirit on "Get CELEBRITIZED."