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Quantum Living® - Anna Anderson EPISODE 39, 14th May 2020
The Power of Energy | QL039
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The Power of Energy | QL039

As the quirky title suggests, this episode is about energy: the intelligent, invisible, dynamic fabric – the Quantum Field - that connects all, creates all and without which we wouldn’t exist. I explore this energy from the practical perspective – how important it is for us to recognise and learn about its power, how it impacts on our life and how we can work with it to our benefit, to the benefit of others and to the greatest good. What kind of energy do you give and receive? I also talk about how to protect our personal energy field and highlight the undesirable consequences of substance abuse on the aura. This podcast includes a simple exercise that will help you learn to perceive your energy field and the energy flow generally. You may find some of my insights surprising or even shocking…
Music: purple-planet.com