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100 - From Doubt to Dominance - How Kris Kelso Transforms Leadership Anxiety into Strength
14th May 2024 • Leaders & Legacies • Craig Andrews
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Kris Kelso is a thought leader in the realms of entrepreneurship and leadership development. Kelso, author of the transformative book "Overcoming the Imposter: Silence Your Inner Critic and Lead with Confidence," dives deep into the heart of impostor syndrome—a phenomenon that silently afflicts countless leaders, making them doubt their achievements and fear being exposed as frauds. Through personal anecdotes and years of mentoring others, Kelso reveals how this syndrome is not a barrier but a common thread among high achievers.

Kris stresses the importance of embracing vulnerability and reframing failure as a fundamental part of the learning process, rather than evidence of inadequacy. Kelso's insights into developing what he calls 'humble confidence'—the ability to admit what you don't know and trust in your capacity to learn—resonate profoundly with listeners. This conversation not only demystifies the feelings of fraudulence that many leaders face but also provides practical advice on leveraging these challenges to foster genuine growth and confidence in leadership roles. Kelso's book serves as both a guide and a companion for those looking to navigate the complexities of leadership with authenticity and resilience.

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