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How Resilience Saved Erin's Life with Erin Brown Untapped Keg Ep 108
Episode 10817th April 2022 • Untapped Keg • Untapped Keg
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Untapped Keg Ep 108 with Erin Brown

RJ Zimmerman and Montee Ball talk with Resilience in Action founder and host Erin Brown about what resilience can mean in life, how starting a podcast and writing a book has helped her define what she wants to do, and how she uses her story to help kids to find their strength! Listen to Erin's Podcast, Resilience in Action with Erin Brown, on all podcast platforms. Find Erin on Instagram @EBSpeaks and @ResilienceInActionPodcast. Find Erin's book on Amazon or click the link below, The Value Method. Check out Erin anywhere on her LinkTree:

Time Codes:

0:00 Intro

8:00 The Value Method

15:00 What does Selfish Mean?

20:00 Change is Healthy.... and scary!

24:00 What Erin wants from her life

27:00 Erin learns to accept her emotions

36:00 Finding something to latch onto

44:00 What does journaling do for Erin?

50:00 Erin's hobbies

57:00 Resilience in Action Podcast


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