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Finding Balance When Managing Complex Wind Assets
Episode 92nd May 2023 • Climate Chronicles • SkySpecs
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Reliability and maintenance play key roles in managing wind assets. It’s not enough to simply invest in the latest technology or brand new turbines — sooner or later, these new assets will require upgrades, maintenance, and repairs. How we manage those repairs can make all the difference to output, safety, and reliability.  

To learn more about what goes into managing reliability and maintenance, we invited Megan Diba, Reliability Engineering Team Leader for BP Wind Energy, to the Climate Chronicles podcast. Megan explains the responsibilities of her role, what a reliability engineer actually does, the challenges in the industry, and much more.  

Key Moments: 

  • Megan explains the typical responsibilities in her role  
  • The top challenges in maintaining wind assets  
  • Why we should be wary of favoring bigger wind turbines 
  • Why maintenance requires good data  
  • Why a proactive approach to maintenance is best 
  • Tools Megan would like to see in the future 
  • Megan and her team’s biggest focuses for the future 
  • Why communication with OEMs needs to improve 
  • What Megan’s most excited about in the industry  

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