Creating Pipelines for Women Tech Leaders with Thulasi Kethini
Episode 3217th December 2020 • Innovation and the Digital Enterprise • DragonSpears
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To increase diversity in technology, step one is acknowledging that there is a problem. Step two is to put in greater effort to create new pipelines of applicants. Thulasi Kethini, CTO of Shiftgig, believes that there are highly qualified women ready to take on leadership in the tech space but most tech companies don’t take the time to go to the places where these women can be found.

On this week’s edition of Innovation and the Digital Enterprise, Patrick and Shelli talk to Thulasi about how companies can create pipelines that encourage diversity as well as ways to encourage more women to enter the tech space. Listen to the episode for more of Thulasi’s ideas.

  • (01:39) - Shiftgig
  • (02:50) - Women in tech
  • (05:42) - Hiring for diversity
  • (10:30) - Creating kismet
  • (17:22) - Technical vs. business awareness
  • (23:12) - Research & duplicate
  • (26:28) - Unlearning
  • (30:03) - Batteries included
  • (34:13) - The Motive

Thulasi Kethini is a Chief Technology Officer at Shiftgig, a workforce technology company focusing on empowering people to find local employment opportunities that fit their lifestyles, schedules and career objectives. Thulasi is responsible for the company's technology, infrastructure, web and mobile applications, security, product engineering and software architecture.

Thulasi has an impressive track record of designing and implementing large scale enterprise SAAS as well as B2C products, leveraging modern, agile development practices and building high performing engineering teams. She joined Shiftgig to drive their engineering strategy and help the company continue to grow as a technology organization.

Thulasi brings 16 years of technology experience and previously served as director of technology at Morningstar. She holds an MBA from Central Michigan University and is very close to finishing her MBA at Northwestern University. She also spends time volunteering for Green House scholars. 

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