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31. Is Your Podcast Niched Down Enough To Get You The Results You Want?
Episode 3120th June 2024 • Podcast That Pays • Angie Jordan
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I know I know, Niche is a dirty dirty word.

Literally no one on this planet wants to talk about it. But we have to. If you are wanting to get more results aka sales aka CONVERSIONS from your show, then you need to pay attention.

The more clear you are, the more you will attract the people who are hot leads ready to buy from you. You want that right?

So in this episode I share with you why its so important to NICHE TF DOWN and how to think about it differently so you can get over yourself and your dis-love for niching. I'll share with you a few tips on what is holding you back and how to get over it (and yourself) so that you can set your podcast up for success.

Hope you enjoy! :)

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