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4 | Timothy White | The Benefits of Consuming Raw, Living Spirulina
7th July 2021 • The Dr. Haley Show • Michael Haley
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Did you know that consuming tropical algae can work wonders for your health? 

If not, listening to this show can help you get rid of some totally wrong misconceptions.

In today’s show, Mike interviews Timothy White, co-founder & co-owner, Raw Living Spirulina who espouses the amazing benefits of living spirulina while revealing some fascinating and little-known facts.

You will learn where spirulina grows, how it is harvested, and why consuming it in its raw, living form is your best, most-healthiest option. 

As a huge proponent of his product, Timothy has fasted on raw, living spirulina and documented the impact on his body. 

Tune in to learn more about this superfood which has been used even by NASA as a food source in space travel.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • What is raw, living spirulina?
  • Can spirulina help fight cancer?
  • Where does spirulina grow, and how is it harvested?
  • And so much more…




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