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020: "It’s weird in the financial world that people think the old stuff is the good stuff. What other aspect of life is that the way?" - Part 1/4 with Jarrod H. Smith
Episode 2010th July 2020 • Wealth & Liberty • Scott R. Tucker
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In part 1/4 with Jarrod H. Smith, Scott R. Tucker shares how one LinkedIn consultation led to a new US VetWealth client and advocate of the Wealth & Liberty philosophies on financial education for veterans.

Some topics mentioned in this episode:

  • Building your personal branding now, before you need to
  • What "they" aren't really telling us about financial education
  • Repositioning your assets for transition rather than retirement
  • How are approach to life insurance is more than a death benefit
  • How we can better serve of fellow veterans

Listen to Part 2/4 with Jarrod H. Smith:


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