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92. How To Stop Leaking Profit
24th April 2024 • Women On The Rise with Jen Blandos - Powered By Female Fusion • Jen Blandos
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Jen interviews Cath Vincent, a business consultant from New Zealand who helps small businesses stop leaking profit. Cath shares her tips for analysing your cash flow, delegating tasks, and creating a business that supports your desired lifestyle.

Episode Highlights:

  • Analyse your cash flow, expenses, and profit leaks using tools like Xero to gain visibility.
  • Delegate tasks that you dislike or are not essential to your role to free up time and energy.
  • Create an annual plan that accounts for seasonal variations in your business and personal cash flow.
  • Say no to opportunities that do not fully align with your essential criteria to avoid taking on too much.
  • Focus on delivering your highest value offerings exceptionally well rather than spreading yourself thin.

About Cath Vincent

Cath is an Associate at the Prime Strategies Group helping small businesses to stop leaking profit. An award-winning keynote speaker, she speaks on performance, productivity, behavioural change & leadership.

She renovated a distressed warehouse and former methamphetamine lab in the heart of Auckland City into a motivational hub called Studio 38, where she lives and works with her husband, daughter, and wire-haired fox terrier.

Studio 38 is a 50-seat venue and recording studio which hosts workshops, charity events and her broadcast TV show as well as her a women’s speaking group She Says So.

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