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Ego Taming & Mindful Speaking with Alan Carroll
Episode 5330th November 2022 • Joyful Journey • Anita Adams
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In today’s episode, we are going beyond the ego to the space between the thoughts you think and the thoughts you speak with Education Psychologist Alan Carroll. Alan offers some practical guidance on how to tame the ego so you can create the spaciousness needed to choose your response and become a mindful speaker.


Show highlights:

The power of the pause

Disrupting your speaking pattern

Taming the tongue of the ego

Choosing how to react

Simple technique to calm yourself and create spaciousness


About our guest Alan Carroll

Alan is an Education Psychologist, specializing in Transpersonal Psychology. He created Alan Carroll & Associates 30 years ago and before that he was a Senior Sales Training Consultant for 10 years. Alan authored The Broadband Connection – The Art of Delivering a Winning IT Presentation.

Alan is passionate about giving people the experience of mindfulness and presence through public speaking. His daily yoga and meditation practices, which he learned at Isha Foundation are another layer he has created to be grounded and non-judgmental in the present moment.


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About your host:


I’m your host, Anita Adams, an award-winning leader and the founder of Joyful Inspired Living, an organization dedicated to teaching people how to access their highest most authentic self so they can find clarity and create a life of purpose, passion and joy. In addition to hosting the Joyful Journey Podcast, I offer retreats, both live and online, and private coaching programs to further guide my clients on their journey to their highest self.


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