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All About Communication with Meredith Kasheta
Episode 1918th March 2021 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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On this episode Kristin talks about one of the most important skills with communication expert Meredith Kasheta. Meredith spent over 15 years in sales and strategic communications.

Meredith is an expert at telling stories, she is a published author, speaker and contributor to various magazines, industry papers, book compilations and conferences. Today, Meredith operates Meeting Meredith Creative, an agency that helps businesses grow their brand through website design, content and strategy.

Episode Highlights

03:50 – Communication is not just speaking one-on-one, but it’s really how we connect with other people – visually, verbally, nonverbally.

07:15 – A brand is a personality.

13:10 – With communication even though you may be more vulnerable in that moment, and you may have to work through things, you can actually resolve it, and it goes away.

18:57 – When you start to ask open-ended questions and give them space to communicate, you can understand that there are deeper problems they’ve been trying to solve.

32:00 – Practice thinking before you speak – when you give people space to talk and truly be heard, you can create a much deeper connection.


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Meredith Kasheta’s website

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