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E124 - The ReThink Framework: A Step-By-Step Process to Grow Your Business | with Jason Osborn
Episode 1244th May 2021 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Jason Osborn is a speaker, coach, and consultant with a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital marketing and mindset strategy.  He’s currently the Head of Coaching at ReThink Academy, which is well on its way to becoming the #1 coaching program in the UK. In this episode, Jason shares ReThink Academy’s RETHINK model, which is designed to help you grow the business of your dreams.

Although Jason began his career as a life coach, he later switched gears, becoming an online marketing consultant in order to improve his life and career trajectory. Now, he helps others improve their own trajectory at ReThink Academy by using the RETHINK model. This model is an extremely helpful step-by-step process for reevaluating your business in order to set it on the best possible path.

In this episode, Jason breaks down the RETHINK model, taking us through each letter of the acronym, from R - finding the “Right niche,” to K - “Knowing your numbers.” My conversation with Jason is filled with tons of his great, actionable tips. By the end of it, you’ll be ready to start building a plan to get yourself and your business going in the right direction.

In this episode:

  • [1:54] Learn about Jason’s background and what the ReThink Academy is all about: Clients are taken through a step-by-step process in order to improve their business. 
  • [4:47] We discuss the importance of moving out of what Jason calls commodity-based marketing, niching down, and being specific about who you’re helping.
  • [12:15] Want to know ReThink Academy’s step-by-step process? Jason’s one big tip is all about the RETHINK model. He breaks down the acronym and takes us through the steps. 
  • [13:42] Coaches and mentors can be an integral part of learning and growing your business. We talk about the difference it can make when you have someone to help with a process. 
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