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PTSD, Atonement, & the Battle of J'Gal: Exploring the Effect of Trauma on our Doctrines of Atonement and Salvation
Episode 7Bonus Episode31st July 2023 • Dummy for Theology • Joshua Noel
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In this "Dummy for Theology" & "Systematic Geekology", Joshua Noel reviews "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds", Season 2, Episode 8, "Under the Cloak of War". This review necessitates a deep dive into some deep theological ideas! I will review the newest episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, discuss the theological implications of the messaging of the show, and explore different ideas the Church has had in the past concerning atonement theories!


Is Clint Howard in Strange New Worlds? Who plays the Klingon ambassador in Strange New Worlds? How does Star Trek: Strange New Worlds fit into the timeline? What are the main theories of atonement? How many atonement theories are there? How do you deal with PTSD? What is a person with PTSD like?


In this episode, you will learn

  • The significance of the Star Fleet - Klingon War
  • The effects of trauma on our views of forgiveness
  • The necessity of reconciliation or penance, post-salvation
  • 7 different theories of atonement held by the Christian Church


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