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“At The Inn—Salted Beef” by Metassus
3rd August 2020 • The Voice of Dog • Khaki and friends.
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Our elderly fox narrator does something unwise that gets up the nose of the landlord, Boris, but you can always rely on Brontes, the surly minotaur, to make a bad situation much, much worse.

Today’s story is “At The Inn—Salted Beef” by Metassus. Based in the wild west of Ireland, Metassus started writing some time back as part of the "Thursday Prompt" group on Fur Affinity. His work has appeared in the Anthrocon magazine, in Fang Vol. 4, and occasionally on his printer by mistake. He is particularly keen on word-limited micro-fiction, calling them "365 Word Tales". At some point he'll have 365 of them and consider his work on earth done. You can read his writings and view his photography on, or on

Read for you by Khaki, your faithful fireside companion.