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Theme Songs ( with Tangelene Bolton)
Episode 587th December 2022 • Themes and Variation • Soundfly
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There's something wonderful and maybe even a little mystifying about a good theme song. A few familiar notes can serve as a cue to sit back, break from ordinary life, and enter new worlds and realities through the stories that splash across our screens. An iconic theme may even become a sort of character itself — bearing a personality of its own and possibly even evolving over time.

For episode 58 of our podcast, Themes and Variation, Carter and Mahea sat down with composer, Tangelene Bolton to chat about some of our all-time favorite "Theme Songs." 

The episode centers around musical pieces that serve as themes for the shows What We Do In the Shadows, Westworld, and Doctor Who. The selections that feature in the discussion were created by Norma Tenega, Ramin Djawadi, Ron Grainer, and Delia Derbyshire.

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Check out each song mentioned on this episode with this handy Spotify playlist!

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