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22. The Power of Dopamine Resets: How to Gain Control of Your Life
Episode 2219th February 2024 • Hustle For Happiness • Courtney Brooke
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Struggling with new year, new pressure? Let's take a closer look at that. This week, Courtney unravels the value of dopamine resets and how they can revolutionize your productivity and joy. Dive in as she shares personal anecdotes and expert tips on breaking free from instant gratification. From mindful eating to being intentional about screentime, explore practical strategies to rebalance your habits and reclaim your well-being. 


In today's episode, we cover the following:

  • What dopamine detoxing means
  • What might be triggering your dopamine releases
  • Monitoring your screen time with mindfulness
  • How caffeine affects energy, alertness, and dopamine levels
  • Replacing texts with love letters
  • How dopamine and achieving goals are connected
  • The impact of constantly trying new activities or experiences
  • How to start a dopamine detox 
  • Practical examples for starting your dopamine detox 


Resources mentioned:


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