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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 55, 12th April 2020
The Power of Living, Learning, Serving & Inspiring

The Power of Living, Learning, Serving & Inspiring

Do you remember your favorite teacher? Deb and Carol sure do! Those are the teachers that made class interesting and made you want to learn. Our guest is exactly that type of teacher, bringing a warm, generous spirit to everything he does. 

In this episode we're talking to Chip Baker. Chip has been a teacher and coach for over 20 years and is the host of “Chip Baker – The Success Chronicles” on YouTube where he talks with people from all walks of life about some of his favorite topics: living, learning, serving and inspiring. 

Chip is a 3-time author, and has co-authored 2 books with Dr. Oliver T. Reid: “Growing Through Your Go Through, Solutions to Success” and “Effective Conversation to Ignite Relationships.” These books help people navigate their lives during challenging times and improve their relationships. 

Chip believes we should celebrate our differences and have a growth mindset. He was brought up to live in service and give back and that’s exactly how he shows up in The Success Chronicles and his own life.  

Join us as Chip provides some tips on effective communication, why he developed the Character Development Program for young athletes and why breadcrumbs are only bad if they're left on the counter. As Chip says "let's GO GET IT!"

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