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Episode 317th March 2022 • That Moment • Lee Kelly
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How amazing it was to have a conversation with Sarah Mills about her 'death experience'.

Three years ago Sarah was out for a paddle board adventure down the Clutha River in Wanaka, New Zealand. She fell off at the mouth of the river and her board leash and board became tangled in the chain of a 5-knot marker buoy. The relentless current of the river kept her face down under the water as she underwent a terrifying struggle for her life.

Sarah died and experienced a visit to another place or dimension. This is her raw and honest account of that day, of dying, of feeling very alive elsewhere and then the traumatic re-entry into her body after a gruelling fight by friends and paramedics to bring her back.

Thank you Sarah for your courage in sharing your story and for continuing to live each day with gratitude and appreciation for the life you have.

"We are all angels walking around in bodies and we are experiencing living here with this spark that is life". Sarah Mills




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