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Rebel and Be Well - Christa Rymal EPISODE 3, 5th March 2021
Chef and Educator Jeremy Reinicke
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Chef and Educator Jeremy Reinicke

Christa Rymal of The Point interviews culinary chef and educator, Jeremy Reinicke, on the real journey it takes to eat well for a lifetime - both for health and for pleasure. Be reminded of the perspective, simplicity, and humanity we all need to honestly improve our health-span using food as medicine; and, importantly, how to enjoy cooking for nutrition- enough to cause a ripple effect in your life and those you care for.  

Our podcast episode enlightens listeners on a “back to the basics” approach to cooking whole and fresh foods, great food, and taking command of your own kitchen. Having extensive experience in a professional kitchen and also in a healthcare and education setting; Jeremy brings novel light-heartedness, balance, and hope to eating for health. ⁠Jeremy stands as a rare breed as he bridges professional culinary cuisine, passion, healthcare, and applying what you've learned in a real-life setting.

As a regular culinary educator to physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers, Jeremy lets listeners in on his philosophy. Knowledge that students of his courses, healthcare providers and beyond, have taken home with lasting success. Covering cooking skills to safety, and never neglecting a individual's need for satisfaction and fun when handling food, this episode will cover it all. Expect to smile, experience countless "aha" moments and an urge to find passion in your kitchen.

“Becoming your ‘best self’ is a life-long journey, not a day trip. To stay energized and focused, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and avoid becoming discouraged when we fall short. Most importantly, we must not forget to celebrate the small successes along the way.” - Chef Jeremy Reinicke


Programs for virtual, live cooking courses:


Join Chef Jeremy as he leads classes in our teaching kitchen, and provides 5-star meals all-inclusive at The Point. He will educate and cook for the two following CME retreats, and many other events planned for 2021:

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