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The Rescue at Robin Hood's Bay
Episode 123rd April 2023 • The BackTracker History Show • The Backtracker
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Season: 4 Episode: 12

A plaque at the top of The Bank at Robin Hood’s Bay tells the story of a heroic rescue which took place 19th January 1881, when a collier brig the ‘Visiter’ foundered in a violent storm whilst carrying a cargo of coal from Newcastle to London. 

The vessel, registered at Whitby and locally owned, was by then elderly, having been built in 1823 at Sunderland. She had sailed as far south as Flamborough. but a south-easterly gale prevented further progress, tearing the sails to shreds and driving her back up the coast past the cliffs of what is now known as Ravenscar, though in those days was called Peak.

Things got worse as she took on more and more water through the night. The Master thought that setting down the anchor would help them ride out the storm but the weather was truly evil.

Find out what happened and the amazing decision that saved the lives of the crew.


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Robin Hoods Bay Information


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