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April 2024: A Spotlight on Straw & Muck, Scottish Sheep Meat, Why you should Invest in your Vet and Future Proofing your Retirement
10th April 2024 • Agribusiness News • Farm Advisory Service
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Along with our regular monthly updates on policy briefs, arable, beef, sheep and milk, In this edition we are also bringing you sector overviews on straw & muck and Scottish sheep meat. We will also be bringing you news on why you should invest in your vet and future proofing your retirement. 

Show Notes  

00.45:- News in Brief 

02.43:- Policy Briefs - Spring Budget, New Bills, Farm Business Survey results 2022/23 

07.00:- Arable- Will crops be keeping us cozy in the future? 

14.17:- Wet weather tempering demand for grazing store cattle  

16.16:- Sheep - Global events bolstering UK lamb price. 

19.22:- Sector Focus – Straw & muck star players in an increasingly cyclical economy. 

22.22 :-Milk - Volumes rising but demand remains sluggish. 

27.11:- Sector focus – Scottish sheep meat – simply Baa-rilliant ! 

32.29:- Inputs - Why you should invest in your vet 

38.21:- Management Matters - Future Proofing your Retirement 

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