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178. Becca Flatt: "Adoptee Beacon" and "Conscious Adoption Navigating Estrangement"
28th May 2024 • Once Upon A Time...In Adopteeland • Jennifer Dyan Ghoston
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Becca Flatt is a Mixed Race, Black and white, closed, domestic infant, interracial adoptee. Becca’s biological family and adoptive family mirror each other; however, Becca, being mixed race, does not share the racial identity of either set of her parents. Becca Graduated from The University of Southern California with her Master’s in social work and a concentration in mental health in 2014. Becca provides mental health treatment to transracial, interracial, and same-race adoptees of color in Oregon. 


Instagram: @mending_the_adopted_heart

Adoptee Consciousness Model:

Music by Corey Quinn



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