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RR 068: Shari Pheasant from Horse Power Strategies
4th December 2015 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Shari Pheasant is owner with her husband of a professional repair shop in Reno, NV and the COO of the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence, and also the founder of Horse Power Strategies. This episode brings a focus to Shari’s passion for and focus on personal growth and professional development through equine based strategies. Her program offers hands on workshops, events and sessions both individually and for team building.

Shari quotes an often discussed reality that 11 billion dollars is lost annually due to a lack of employee engagement, which she says occurs largely due to the lack of competent leaders in our companies and businesses. At the Horse Power Strategies ‘Boot Camp’ she has a methodology of training, through live equine interaction to improve leadership and team building skills. Shari says only 20-30% of in classroom learning is retained and executed to improve lives but  experiential learning research shows participants retain up to 70% or more.

She uses the DISC communications profile and Gallup’s Strength’s finder assessment in the ‘boot camp’ to best help her students improve their leadership skills and show how different personalities of a horse can zero in on deeper knowledge of their own personal communications style.  We cover how you can learn a new language to communicate to the horse and thereby flipping the switches inside our own capabilities to best understand how to communicate to your peers or direct reports.

Shari says that a horse is always looking for a leader and are very easy to forgive. This episode is one like you’ve never heard before and is so worth it, like all episodes, to spend your time on the up-take. I promise that you’ll take-a-way more than one thing from this episode so get out your yellow pad or personal digital recorder.

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