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How to build automated email sequences
Episode 1526th June 2020 • Start Marketing • Katlynn Pyatt
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Today we’re going to be talking all things emil marketing. By now, you know that I think having an email list is an important part of any business. And once you start building your email list, you’ll want to make things easier on yourself by creating workflows or automated sequences of emails that send to your subscribers regularaly. Put even more simply, a workflow is a series of emails that sends automatically on designated days and times to your list subscribers.

Email workflows are incredibly helpful to you because, once built, they save you time and keep you in front of your customers, increasing brand loyalty and product awareness.

With any of these options we’re going to talk about, before you start creating, you’ll want to make sure you have a goal in mind. Remember, you want to serve your email list 80% of the time and sell to them 20% of the time. So, what is your end goal? Is it to buy something? Sign up for a service? Take a class?

Deciding your marketing goal ahead of time allows you to create an effective workflow and allow you to serve up valuable content while leading your subscribers to your desired goal. 

Six types of email workflows you’ll want to build out as your grow your email list: a welcome sequence, a newsletter, a campaign update, a sale workflow, a cart abandonment workflow, and a re-engagement email. I’ve created a free quide to these workflows for you that you can download at: .

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