Endurance, Entrepreneurship & Empowerment, with Anthony J. Nelson
Episode 6516th November 2023 • BOLD CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS • LiveMasterminds, Inc. and Raju Panjwani
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Bold Entrepreneur Tales. Stories of courage and expression to feel free and be successful are at the heart of all the interviews on BOLD CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS podcast.

In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Anthony J. Nelson, a business coach full of insights and perspectives that truly enlightened our conversation.


Personal Journey

From his roots in Colorado to his achievements in endurance sports, Anthony opened up about how his father's passing profoundly influenced his life and career.

Professional Development and Entrepreneurship

We explored Anthony's career trajectory, from his time at the Advisory Board to launching his own company, Growth Culture. He provides valuable insights on the transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship.

Digital Health and Healthcare Innovations

Anthony enlightens us on the significance of digital health in the current healthcare scene. We discussed how digital innovations are reshaping healthcare delivery.

Mental Health and Personal Challenges

Anthony bravely spoke about his battle with PTSD, highlighting the critical need for more open conversations about mental health.

Leadership and Personal Growth

Our discussion shifted to leadership, personal development, and the importance of self-awareness. Anthony shared his philosophy on being bold, conscious, and present in both professional and personal life.

Embracing Change and Overcoming Challenges

Anthony emphasized the importance of viewing stress as a positive force. He shared insights on how to navigate life's uncertainties, in both professional and personal contexts.

As we concluded, we reflected on the power of connection, the value of mentorship, and the lifelong journey of learning.


Anthony leaves us with profound thoughts on embracing life's challenges and stresses.

✅ "I think professionally is always driven by what you've done personally."

✅ "Embrace stress... it's your body getting you ready to do what you were meant to do in life."

✅ "I think it's the endurance athlete that has actually shaped my entire career."

✅ "Being bold is about just being unapologetically you, in going very purposefully in a direction that you think is right."

✅ "Consciousness just means being as present in the process as you can be."

✅ Entrepreneurial Resilience: "You have to lean in, like you can't run from it. You have to go in to get out."

✅ "People really crave human connection. It's one of our carnal instincts..."

Oh so good!

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