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#014 - vCISO - Eric Etherington
Episode 1412th April 2021 • CISO insiders • GRSee Consulting
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In this 3rd episode of our vCISO series we talked with Eric Etherington, a veteran CISO who turned vCISO about 6 months ago, to discuss the role of the vCISO in smaller organizations vs his previous roles as a full time CISO.

We've tackled some key questions such as:

1. What organizations need when they decide to hire a vCISO?

2. How is the vCISO role different than that of a CISO?

3. The importance of having a strong relationship with other supporting vendors.

4. what are the challenges of a vCISO?

5. Who are your ideal customers?

6. What type of customers you won't be working with?

To learn the answers to these questions, and to learn more about vCISOs please join us!



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