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Episode 125th May 2022 • Fellowship Of The Reel • Philip A. McClimon
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The Fellowship Of The Reel reviews THE FIFTH ELEMENT

Part One of a four episode Yippy Kai Yay tribute to the great Mr. Bruce Willis. Join us as we celebrate four of Bruce's films and try and say thank you for years of great movies.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Willis and his entire family.



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are you recording this studying a movie in the mechanical level


i think can really bring some revelation i believe that no one sets out to make a


bad movie with the exception of on paper this should work


i just don't like it that's your own fault if you haven't seen it


way over budget start cutting scenes even the actors don't know what that


movie is about [ __ ] i wish i wrote that


which i love the title with that movie's trash [Music] well it's over man it's good for you


okay here we are again fellowship of the real four people sitting around talking about movies


one picks and we all review uh starting out uh the first four episodes we're going to make a tribute


to mr bruce willis uh in light of his recent diagnosis and uh all the great entertainment he's brought


us over the years we wanted to do something to sort of give tribute to him and so the first four movies that we're going to review


are going to be bruce willis movies and this time we are looking at the fifth element and this was a pick by


this movie was uh made in uh:


month 25 years ago um i wish i could take credit for that it was a 100 happy accident um is the anniversary


what what what anniversary is it 25th yeah 25th yeah to the month which i think was interesting yeah yeah again


can't take credit for that well just an accident yeah someone go to the the plot real quick um in in the 23rd century a new


york cabbie uh corbin dallas played by bruce willis finds the fate of the world in his hands when lee liu played by milo


jehovah falls into his cab as the embodiment of the fifth element lilu needs to combine the other four to keep


approaching great evil from destroying the world together with father cornelius played by ian holm and zany broadcaster


ruby rod played by chris tucker dallas must race against time and the wicked industrialist zorg played by gary oldman


to save humanity yeah i uh the one i found was like a sentence much better well no no yours is better


i don't know who writes these things in the colors i wrote mine phil i didn't just did you write yourself well done


i'm lying my ass off go ahead it says uh in the colorful future a cab driver unwittingly becomes the central figure


in the search for a legendary cosmic weapon to keep evil and mr zorg at bay


so that's like from a tv guide you had lana i don't know i thought it was the imdb i don't know yeah that's the that's the synopsis there on imdb yeah see i


should have gone with that just because it was no no i just it's funny that's your elevator pitch for fifth element


right versus the yeah well i mean like some of these things are


uh did you mention the budget or no uh i haven't yet nope i can oh yeah no yeah so it was a


90 million budget so pretty big for for the times yeah um especially for the director luke bryson that was uh i think


his biggest budget of the time right um movies 100 comes in 126 minutes and so yeah 90 million um it opened to 17


million for opening weekend and then ended up making like 263 million by the end so definitely i guess a big hit and


making that money back um despite i guess uh kind of mixed reviews i think it still has mixed reviews from what i was uh well we're


reading um some people loved it hey like very uh divisive film i guess well


like on rotten tomatoes both the critics and the fans like it like 70 tomato and 86 on the fans so fans


liked it more than critics critics yeah uh but i think this movie's probably developed a bit of a cult following too


like i discovered it after the theater i don't think i ever knew about this in the theater


i remember seeing it in the theater opening weekend i knew nothing about the movie


my brother uh he graduated that year my brother off of school took me his


little brother he used to do that just come on you're i'm babysitting you're coming with me that's cool and i remember sitting


not first row but maybe second row looking up at that screen going this is the this is an awesome movie i was 13 14


years old i loved it immediately really that's good okay well i've been trying to avoid watching it all these years


sherry does not like sci-fi this was a struggle for her i think it yeah all right all right i mean plus it's french


right like it had a lot of french yeah it was luke bassan's baby it was uh written directed by him uh he basically


told the producers as they gave him money for the project leave me alone you're not invited on set doing what i


want to do yeah this if this was his vision coming out i think he knocked it out because but


previously he had done leon the professional yeah yeah i was about subway nikita yeah


and then lucy was later but yeah and then i mean so yeah he did write it and he's he's the director he also he


did have a co-writer i guess i just wanted to mention um robert mark uh came in um was his co-writer on this that guy


that guy's got some chops too he wrote taps he wrote he wrote the chronicles that in the theater friday kid the credit kid truly did all of them wow


originals would take originals yes um he wrote gladiator not the one with russell crowe but the one with cuba getting


junior the boxing one in the 90s um i put that on there because i like that movie but it's cheesy and then leave the


weapon three the transporter taken and angel was following dang oh god and then also like with


transporter taken like luke bason was involved in those movies as well um yeah yeah yeah leon the professional is


amazing i love that movie great yeah that's a great team oh and kiss and kiss a dragon devil's


advocate punisher the original punisher from 89 it looks like dang is that one with uh dolph lundgren oh duffle and uh


academy award-winning movie under siege oh yeah yes that's best music i think


that would understand that die hard on a boat that was steven seagal yeah yeah i don't know but it's good i like it no no


okay i haven't seen a long time but i remember enjoying it and yeah i mean it's definitely die hard on a boat but just like speed die hard on a bus but


speed is also a very good movie in my opinion like it's better than under siege but yeah like yeah i was a pretty big skull fan i liked vayne better but


yeah under siege is one of his his better movies i think wow and academy award winning like i said it is it an


academy award winner


so what did you have this as a genre the again i didn't do that part of the homework um okay i have dude with the


problem yeah it's probably i was gonna say dude with the problem i thought this was almost a no-brainer is uh yeah because he's minding his own business


which is yeah the first point on do with the problem an innocent a sudden event and a life and death struggle yeah


exactly yeah so guys just to caveat mine his own business she falls into his luck a sudden event literally dropping


through the roof of his cab yeah and life and death you can't ask for more than that with a couple more notes here just real quick


um so is i thought it was interesting uh besson started writing this when he was 16. really yeah like coming up with the


story and then he was 38 when it came out in the cinemas um so something you know it stuck with him for a while right


and he kept messing with it originally it was supposed to be a trilogy that he compressed into the final film


but it was going to be a trilogy series i don't know he had like a 400 page script at one


point that explains that link yeah i don't i don't see how that world could be stretched into three films i


think the one movie was yeah yeah i could i don't know i could see i could do it into a


trilogy um but as far as the the scope of the world now the story i don't know what he would tell but yeah i feel like


the story served its purpose yeah the story won one time but the world's big enough i think for


anything else yeah so uh vassan approached uh bruce willis and mel gibson initially for the lead really


and then i guess absolutely yeah i'm having a hard time picturing that in my head um i keep thinking like this mad


max type version of of mel gibson or something but yeah but obviously he passed and bruce willis was interested


but um he was worried about the he'd just come off hudson hawk and billy bathgate so he was worried about it


being a risky project and then basson was worried about what bro was would cost so he made the decision


to go with the less expensive actor yeah and i guess he was like having some sort of meeting and then somebody got bruce


was on the phone and the best one was like hey man i just want to say hi and then he like told him over the phone that hey i'm going to go with somebody


not as expensive and apparently bruce willis goes look man if i like the script we can come to our arrangement so he sent him the script and he goes yeah


let's do it oh sweet so well you know hinting there that he took some sort of pay cut you know yeah to do it well he's


done i don't know about pay but he's done uncredited references like in tarantino's grindhouse movies or whatever right sherry


pointed this out about his hair about his hair like his hair is blonde yep and his hair is blonde in the jackal and i was like okay


when did the jacket come out well jackal came out the same year interesting that fifth element was and i


i don't know this but i'm wondering if he wasn't either starting production on the jackal or certainly he couldn't been


filming at the same time but his hair is exactly the same color in in this movie as it is in the


character he plays in the jackal and they both came out in 97. i don't know when yeah maybe you know i


saw it at some and that's one part of the research i meant to look up but i didn't um like i know for a fact that the song like luke what's on his hair


looks like that at certain times in his life oh yeah so it's almost like he modeled the character after himself and then


uh in the movie subway uh christopher lambert his hair is dyed blonde just like that as well and he's not so i feel


like it's uh a song thing like tim burton a lot of times will have his characters like his


his females um a lot of times have dark hair and very pale skin like even his characters yeah or his male characters


too you know some sort of aesthetic thing that the directors like to do so i feel like it was a something that that uh besson did but uh


yeah maybe you know he was filming jack at the same time and didn't want to mess with the hair or yeah also because


you're on because i mean how many movies does brussels have blonde hair and not like these two maybe you know right


prince was originally cast as ruby rod which i think would have worked and would have been really interesting


yeah i mean i think chris tucker chris tucker yeah i think he he he made this role his very own no i agree i just said


like when i hear prince i'm like yeah that would have worked um and i guess there was a scheduling conflict he couldn't so apparently chris tucker beat


out jamie foxx as well ruby rudd is a point of contention for a lot of people i've read some people absolutely hate


that character every time it comes on it's like nails on a chalkboard yeah i can i get it i see it but i also see it


from that 14 year old me yeah sitting here watching that going oh my


god he's a cartoon character no no i i i dug him this time i mean


yeah i didn't have a problem with i just couldn't understand that's just me though having to understand what he's


saying half the time yes yeah i had the subtitles on i'm mostly hard of hearing loud music all my life


so subtitles are a game changer for me i love it sure yeah yeah but i like i mean i liked him yeah you know


they have one of my favorite exchanges in the whole movie like his his whole thing about us everything's gonna be green right and then so he gives his


whole speech as well as about you know you had no pop no fire you got happy green scrubs and slams them up against the


wall and says look tomorrow we'll let all this stuff green super green


i i enjoyed him and their exchanges were yeah yeah it's very good uh to kind of point out a thing i don't know if you're going


back to it but chris tucker uh chris tucker is that who it was yeah it's chris right


chris tucker and the guy that plays the president tom lister uh tiny zeus lister yeah they were uh they were in friday


together and uh brian james who plays uh the colonel


something general colonel was and bruce willis were in a movie together back in the 80s


i believe it was uh i don't remember good lord anyway yeah several of these characters


have been in movies together uh and bruce willis and gary oldman are in this movie together yet have no scenes


together whatsoever that's true yeah yeah the good guy and the bad guy never meet well i i was watching the striking


distance that's what i was thinking bruce willis and uh brian ryan james were in striking distance yeah oh yeah


well we watched it and then i watched it to make my notes with the fact track on like on the dvd as a fact right and uh


like there's literally a scene that and one of the facts is this is the only time that all the main characters are on


screen together you know uh i can't remember who all was there but uh but yeah there's only like one scene


where all the principles are together in one yeah one scene or whatever yeah it's just it's wild how such a movie with a


lot of big name actors still currently even back then they were big name but now they're still big name


they were a movie together but no scenes right right that's unheard of a lot of times


and then only had one other thing i thought was interesting as far as the i guess facts so uh bassone hired this


comic book artist named uh jean gerard i'm probably butchering his name anyways he was hired for production


design because he had a comic that bison liked a lot as far as the the style of the movie yeah so he brought


this guy on to help him you know hey man i really like your style and then that guy ended up suing bassan later on for plagiarism yeah now he didn't win but i


just thought that was interesting like so you're going to work on a project and then decide what after it's a big hit hey you stole my stuff yeah money talks


right that's just that's ridiculous to me like just like if this podcast takes off and you know hits a billion views


we're probably gonna all want a cut of that right no yeah yeah that's a good problem to have


i'm just sending all you guys chocolates that are laced with right it starts off with this with this


prologue how did y'all feel about the prologue uh there's a lot of interesting things i've got i guess some some notes on it


it was it was kind of long i think the i felt like they did a good job fairly of explaining it um yeah they had


to set up instead of what's going on yeah i just sat on a couple of notes ahead so


the professor's starting the hieroglyphs right and kind of explaining the the story in the fifth element and kind of what's going on and then luke perry i


guess is his assistant and he's so this poor kid is holding up this uh


aziz japan a z right and like luke perry part of his job is to count how many times yeah


so you know how many times he has to yell at a disease for light so like when they get to 10 or whatever the number is i don't like what happens because at one


scene this poor kid's nose is bleeding so are they beating this kid because you know is he slight and then that's ten


times get him in yeah yeah like that slam his head felt bad for this kid but anyhow well


any like science fiction you have to it's world building right yeah you don't have to this is not brought out in the movie and


this is one of those things you'd never know unless like the fact track or whatever


monda shawn's where the aliens you know the the defender aliens you know they're uh apparently the more spikes that they


have is the higher rank they are that's one of the nicest yeah so the fact track a lot of you know stuff


like that but choices are made that you know scenic you know uh that you'll never


know about um on screen or whatever i just thought you know they're doing stuff that you'll never know about but yeah i thought that


was interesting that the more spikes the mandashal ones have the higher rank they are i think the most the the principal


ion that we got is that every:


the entire story of four stones fifth element evil right so you know what's coming together the four stones and and yeah i


had the fidelity um so you watched it with it was interesting i watched it twice um and i don't know


the the line is kind of hard to understand so i was gonna ask you you watch it with subtitles to see if i got the line right


at one point the professor guy he's they're zooming in on the the fifth element hieroglyph and he says this man


this perfect being i honestly care not is that what he says i honestly care not because i thought that was interesting because because they make a lot of


references in the movie of the perfect being oh it's a woman like you know yeah they're very surprised that it's a woman woman yeah so i guess i thought that was


interesting it's professor if that's his line i care not like i feel like that's what i heard but i don't know i don't recall i didn't go back and


watch it i didn't but yeah that would make sense of what that would be saying yeah because yeah


that is the big surprise that it's mila jovovich there's a woman yeah and perfect the best right the perfect is


not her main it's a woman yeah yeah oh she's one you notice that did you yeah yeah yeah they really do make them perfect


you know what she's right changing her clothes or whatever um yeah so they they set up the five thousand years and the aliens say that


you know they're not war's coming they're not safe the stones are not safe on earth


300 years when evil comes right the one thing that i didn't get as a kid on the first viewing is he was talking about


because it what year was this:


one yeah yeah so war is coming i i never caught that i i was still in this oh it's a space drama there's a space force


i didn't get to do just now i thought i thought they meant war with aliens in earth but they meant world war two yeah they made they meant


world war is coming it's in egypt yeah yeah oh yeah yeah i was like okay so they need to take the stones off before


yeah rommel and all you know i didn't catch that yep no i was still i until he said it just then yeah exactly today


years old when i learned that right you're welcome yeah yeah that's nice james yeah so war is coming monitorings need


to take it off of earth so nobody gets a hold of it they'll be back in 300 years when


the 5 000 year old evil comes back so yeah but it doesn't explain in the the thing i would like to see what happened


5 000 years ago yeah like what was that war like was it similar did they yeah


did they yeah they always they always defeated it yeah yeah i don't know yeah maybe you know in


5 000 years this one anomaly happens it's only ever going to happen once


is is that what they were meaning yeah i don't know yeah yeah i did wasn't clear on because


yeah because he said every five thousand years oh i got some time then or whatever you know right 300 years later or whatever


which there's a lot of references to time and and time is not important only life right i mean there's a lot of i don't know i just thought that was we


can get into that a little bit later about how luke bason illustrates that with you have 10


seconds he knocks it out in 10 seconds it's very and then the countdowns it was the setup


opening image whatever obviously we're setting up bruce willis as a down and outer it starts off you know them the the


government trying to destroy the yeah the thing and only making it stronger and nobody wanting to pay attention to


the priest uh but the priest is uh veto he's got the uh the answer yeah no right and he has a


line about uh violence begets violence and then and we see that visually right they fire all these missiles at uh this


yeah cosmic entity and it just gets bigger cornelius is a direct descendant


to the same priest yeah yeah because they tell the priest you know pass on what you know you get the


idea that this is a lineage so cornelius standing in front of the president going hey this big thing that just appeared


out of nowhere is pure evil it's yeah so he's reversing we don't have time for that right right blow it up ask


questions later good old-fashioned american way yeah which i feel like there's a lot and we can get into this a little bit i feel


like there's a lot of um in this movie trying to solve problems with violence like it's almost like an anti-violent


film right i mean yeah well uh yeah because the leader i guess i was being half


committal they're saying almost yeah


what is the point yeah what is the point uh what is the point in saving you you know because she gets jewish throughout the movie i didn't pick this


up immediately until the second time i saw it but she's going through human history i guess alphabetically yeah and


she uh she's at the v's at one point a lot of good words in v yeah right uh and


then she gets to the w and and i thought the scene worked like she was crying when she learned about war right


and i i mean i thought she sold it i thought the scene was written i i felt myself you know emotionally in that movie in that scene i just now thought


of this that's very age of ultron avengers downloading the internet getting to war


and being like oh we can't we can't right that's true you can't trust them with life they'll just take it away then


right right that's her whole argument you know at the end and uh something i thought they you know i


thought i thought it was set up well because in the beginning the bruce uh uh dallas corbin dallas is uh you know


down and out and he actually says at one point that he's that he's he's he says he's looking for a woman


the perfect i'm looking for my perfect woman yeah i have the line everybody he says uh cause he brings on the phone with the with the guy with finger where


are you he's like uh get over your ex-wife or whatever there's a million more of them because i don't want a million women i


just want one the perfect one yeah yeah yeah yeah um which is a good setup because the perfect woman shows up yes


it's literally perfect and falls into his lap like an angel yep yes so yeah um


yeah so i thought all that was actually done pretty well i think the you know bruce i like the whole gag back and forth of


he doesn't like to get messages you know yeah it'd be important you know but the last one i got yeah yeah right with eating his lunch and


then the general i wrote his name down here somewhere but the um the uh stater stoddard is the first general and


then the other general i guess we'll get to him i can't remember ryan brian fella


yeah he plays a general general monroe yeah right right so he i


thought i liked general monroe i liked his interactions with her especially it was good um i thought that was really good and and


they you know they fixed the contest it could be important and they you know but i thought all those were very


very slick exchanges you'd love to help major but where can we go yeah auto watch oh yeah


yeah no uh yeah yo she was really i you know i liked your performance a




but you have on the even the back of the violence thing so he's brazil's character is a like former former uh major special


officer yes yeah we learned that he turned his way turned away from that and now he's a cab driver right um so he


retired six months ago yeah but even but we don't really know why but like i mean there's one hint to it but if he's telling the truth i guess in the scene


but again here's a guy who is capable of violence but is currently living a life that's not violent right and not using


you know this duke can take care of himself they show with the mugging right i mean oh none of that for a while it takes the you know easily disarms the


guy and well literally that's happened a lot i feel like he's got a whole stack of guns yeah no that whole


remember loving that and i watched it i was like i love that guy nice hat yeah


you can almost it almost looks like bruce willis about to lose it yeah nice nice hat very nice right


i love that whole exchange man um and later on he makes a reference about his marriage


when lilu uh he's trying to let lulu lilu in and then uh major monroe or whatever and the other guys were there


he's like no no this is my my new girlfriend she she knows that you know military my last marriage whatever she can't see you guys so i just i wonder


how much truth there is to that like why did he leave like you know did uh military violence ruin his last


marriage yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah i don't know i i i guess i i guess i didn't pick up on the fact


that he was married i missed that i guess he was divorced uh his ex-wife ran off with his lawyer oh yeah


yeah yeah yeah i remember yes yeah because yeah which that doesn't play into the military bringing it but yeah


yeah yeah yeah right wow i had to write down the names of the aliens so the yeah so they're trying to kill the the bad guy the mangalore show


up but then the oh sorry the mundus shawn show up and the mangalorians are the ones that wipe


them out wipe them out they are recovering just a little bit of the dna of lilu or whatever yeah something that i


thought was and this this is a testament to both emilia jovich and luke bason luke bassan


completely created that foreign language that she's talking about and made her memorize it yeah the yeah i


had that note and then i didn't i didn't write it down for some reason um yeah they they would write letters uh back and forth in this language and you have


conversations to make sure that you you know she rattles that right you know yeah like it's like it's a real language


yeah what's your name short short yeah yeah what's corbin dallas short you know that's good


they're interesting just regret i really like chris willis in this movie yeah no absolutely every


exchange this this this is the writing is good and


the hands of the director are competent i mean when you have that combination it it can


be even when he when he first meets her like you i feel like you almost fall in love with her when as corbin does yeah


so just like even when you know she's crashing in the back and she's like any survivors back there and look back there and then she rattles off all this you


know there's alien language and all you oh boom i understand yeah that's really good no it was all


very endearing and clever and uh remember me remember boom yeah that's good


yeah we learned of zorn here zorg zorg i've been torn down half the time and it's zorg zorg like toy story 2. that he


is uh behind this and actually is working for they call him mr shadow at one time i


guess that's what zorg was referring to him the evil as yeah let's just play it as mr shadow


right yeah he's the the planet is the incarnate of mr shadow okay yeah so


because zorg seems like the ultimate batty but then you realize the shadow guy is holding the leash or whatever


lilu escapes and and literally you know talk about the catalyst or whatever


literally drops through the roof it's a good it's a good count especially and they set that up well


with uh how many uh points he's got on his license yeah at least 50. yeah you're a bad player


when you said he'd only been he'd been out of the military six months so he has almost no points on his license in six


months [Laughter] yes i know i had an accident [Laughter]


thank you very much you know he's not a great captain not a great yeah


that's true my goodness how do you even get around on those yeah i wouldn't want to drive in that i mean he almost gets it just pulling


out and then i don't even feel like that whose fault would that have been i don't know what the rules are you know yes i thought uh


because he okay so you have her dropping in literally catalyst or whatever and then obviously


he is being asked to go on this adventure and she you know help help me she's trying to lose help yeah yeah which i you know


you know it's very definitely emotional harsh being pulled like this is somebody it feels like


almost like a child you know well it's funny you say that like i like it a lot but i feel like he borrowed it from


his own work professional and maybe just the way he wants his beats or whatever and and correct me if i'm wrong with the way i remember this in the in the


professional natalie portman goes to um knocks on leon's door knocks on the door and she's


crying and i don't know if she says the words please help or anything like that but it's very much the same beat like that's his breaking the two is letting her in yeah


yes um and so that's his call like that's so they're very similar beats um which is fine but just yeah i just


thought they were and i like it i mean the performances and both of them are fine and just they are very similar beats to me yeah i think i seem to


remember natalie portman at that point like knocking and like standing there hoping to god


because she's got to convince the bad guys that that's that's really so she died where she really lives there


i don't think she asked for help i think she's standing there waiting waiting for him to let her get you she lives there yeah maybe but isn't she crying and


stuff like it's they're they're visualizing the the apartment at that time her okay and she's walking past it


see like i said they weren't fine like i wouldn't want to try and take it away from him and it just they they remind me of that very much yeah and bruce has


already sort of we already see that he's kind of struck with her right yeah so but yeah but he refuses and in a good


refuge there's so many points on my license right this this this is the end of his


life yeah so i think the decision is really a hard one because obviously ultimately he's like


he does it for love or whatever you know right but yeah i mean it is the debate scene it's a very quick debate scene but


but but but it's there yeah it's there yeah that's so stupid he takes off yeah right yeah


yeah so then we're in the fighting games where and that's when they the fun and game starts with him delivering him to father


cornelius or was there another scenario well there's a [ __ ] i think he's chasing yeah of course


they go into the yeah you know i mean like what does that mean in this world yes mcdonald's still exists that's great yeah yeah yeah uh


there's there's a lot of not a lot but there's at least two or three times that i can remember like when when the cops


eat this mcdonald's and bruce willis comes by and he's you know his reaction is whoa you know


like there's this there's this dead because the assistant scientist when the president comes at the end and he's he's


like oh they're uh you know that guy he has one of those beats too like uh but but yeah so several characters have this


beat of just deadpan whoa you know right stylist choice but i i i enjoyed that a


couple times or whatever oh yeah the car chase pursued by the cops uh i have done bruce being bruce because he's got a lot


of cool lines he's he's he's in his form you know yeah no he um


obviously is an actor right and that's the whole point but he he seems at home you know this guy who's in die hard and


especially watching them and all these maybe that's why it occurred to me like watching these four movies that are you know very drastically different he


seemed at home in this futuristic world being a character like very believable that this is his world and this is where he's at yes


so that yeah the good to the apartment um and then of course the


the priest doesn't know who she is at first then realizes and and bru uh corbin is immediately shuffled out the


door right i mean he's you know just gone um i feel like that goes into the uh the whole violence thing like here's


a guy who like he's not needed his way of dealing with things like he's he's not i mean i don't know how much that guy could have


known about him but like we got this we got this handle we don't need you corbin he's been preparing his whole life he's been yeah i've exactly i've been here my


whole life because like later on when he they meet back up when he tells corbin you know we're going to save the world and then corbin's like you're going to


save the world like really yeah i've been doing this you know whatever a certain way right but i like how we show the door he thinks i need a priest and


they i don't i don't i didn't catch this line i've seen it that scene twice now but the weddings are down the hall yeah yeah okay why didn't you down the hall


yeah like i got the gist of it that he a cynical thing and close and then it pays off at the end when zorg's guy


zorg's guys come down the hall uh weddings uh not exactly yeah yeah


uh sets that joke yeah nice so that was good kicks the door in and


again maybe that's what again like kicking the door is kind of you know it's violent you know yeah i had i had uh


that he actually drove his cab into the second act uh at 36 minutes he floors the cab into the second half the cops


then pursue so as soon as bruce willis decides he's going to help her he takes off in the cab yeah so


it's not necessarily a door but i i guess i sort of pegged that as okay if you're if you're talking it physically he


physically drives from the first act to the second act after making that decision or whatever that's a cool yep


yeah and then and then starts going down against the flow of traffic right into the into the fog yeah into the new world


yeah you're right right right right and then there's a doorway with the priest right when he shows up there i mean a little bit later but yeah yeah yeah uh


he definitely knocks on the door yeah the second act right yeah and in case we didn't like so


there's this whole thing where uh bruce uh corbin tries to kiss her and you know


that's very good never without my permission i shouldn't have done that definitely no not what does this mean


never without my permission that's what i thought i'd love that so back home in case where there was no


doubt there's you know discussion with what fingers or whatever being hustled by his boss where's my cab but bruce


quite clearly has made the decision that he has found you know his perfect woman right because he's talking foundry and


lost her in my opinion at this point yeah because you know because as soon as he rides back home i shouldn't have kissed her right yeah know he's


explained to his boss you know who i think is kind of cool like most bosses are yelling and you're fired and all the


stuff and this boss seems like he's generally understanding and just like wants to hear about all right man i don't know if he says if it seems like


all right man i've been there i've had seen that girl like i don't think he never says that but it clearly the way


bristol was laying down on the bed they can talk about the girl to his boss that it seems like his you know means like his boss is gonna be


understanding of that you know yeah because he was bruce willis character corbin dallas was in charge of his boss


in the military is that right they worked okay yeah i guess i missed some of that so i now now i think that dynamic is changed okay so they do have


a relationship it is previously he calls him major um yeah he refers to corbin as major so yeah all right i missed that then yeah nice i guess some of the other


fun games too we were introduced to zorg also in this point where he's you know selling the guns to the mangalores and


yeah that was always my favorite scene with all the tricks and


little cool things that those guns had right that was very cool yeah my my favorite part of that


you know now a real killer would have asked about that little red button on the bottom of the gun you know a real died in the wool killer and the squirrel


because it cuts to the mangalores and the guys in the background they shoot a net on their their other their buddies or whatever right like they're all


messing with the gunner what does this button do and then yeah right yeah that's the button uh that again is a call back to the professional


of gary oldman walking down the hall talking to his second command well there's an explosion


behind him while there's something going on behind him like he he has that like a methodical blah blah he has a similar


thing yeah in the professional it's they have the same fate too they both get blown he gets blown up in both


movies yes yeah and here we learn well obviously gary oldman gets the case the case is empty


and we learn the opposite of pool you can count that editing that editing


was beautiful back and forth similar explaining the two conversations yeah well yeah it's like


he opens the case and then closes it and then she's like empty oh yeah she laughs and laughs and laughs and then empty


right because they're talking to each other yeah the father asks her what do you mean empty and then okay and he


answers so zorg answers it empty yeah so like in the just the previous movie we were talking about with edwards he would


have had both those conversations play out in their fullness back to back instead of cutting between the two oh


yeah yeah luke busan did it the right way no no absolutely yeah it was it was funny it was upbeat it


kept the energy going i really liked it he has a uh zorg has a lot of good lines in here but


uh at one point he was like uh he's i think he's talking to the mandalorians like why what's wrong with me or whatever uh i think that's his song with


the mandalorians it might have been the father but i think i thought he was talking to the mandalores it just one point yeah i wouldn't give this to you


and he's like why what's wrong with me just i don't know just history no no any uh yeah zorg gary oldman anytime


i just i i just love everything and there's this reoccurring deal with him saying i know like uh you're my healer says you're a


monster i know yeah and then um later on uh when his uh right-hand man


fails him he's like this is never happening again i know and then he blows him up when he comes when zorg shows up to the


hotel to finally you know stop asking somebody else to do it i'm gonna go get the stones myself yeah the um


i think when he lands the hotel staff tells him that uh you know we're evacuating there's a bomb and he shoots


them all up and goes i know yeah just it's yeah that's just callback of you know i know and then disappointed like


he says a lot you know about being disappointed i'm so disappointed yeah anyway oh that's good stuff


uh i like the idea just a little gag of the chinese food right at your door like he's getting like legit chinese food but


he didn't have to leave his apartment like in this in this world that's kind of cool yeah yeah the the boat that comes up they can actually fly like


yeah so the fifth element they had the doordash idea before doordash they did yeah they did restaurant dash just


restaurant dash yeah that'd be sweet if they just pulled right up made it yeah it would be cool yeah exactly what i'm saying like it's gotta get hibachi right


there without having to or whatever you wanted you know yeah no it's good world building like you know yeah


and clearly the rapport he had he's ordered from this guy before and the fact that it was an ancient i'm gonna


guess chinese vessel right but it was a floating yeah


yeah yeah that was good so second act fun and games were still in fun and games uh yeah i think


everything we were saying was funny games yeah um what do you have is the midpoint phil i have down as a midpoint false victory


i have them arriving at flosston paradise as the midpoint false victory like they they


they get to because there's this whole sequence which i thought was also was done very well about different people trying to


impersonate corbin dallas because all the parties how they get there i thought was done


well um every party is interested for their own reasons to impersonate corbin dallas and


to get to right floss in paradise and corbin is able to get there and be


himself and and get on and get on board but so as a it's a i call it a false victory because


they get there uh but they're still they still have not achieved their purpose so there is i guess a victory


but there's going to be some setbacks coming pretty soon right sure yeah no it's not


it's interesting i had it in the same area yeah but like him i guess you know winning the tickets to


flosston paradise is his false victory because it that's it's her his false victory is her coming back into his life


because he thought he'd lost her yeah right so her coming back into his life but he still can't be with her because i got to go save the world and there's


still mandalores and zorg out there there's all these bad guys that are about to close in yeah right so it's like because i mean he's his goal he


says i'm not looking i'm looking for the perfect woman like that's his goal right not to be a good cab driver to save the world he wants to be with somebody he's


alone he wakes up alone and i think we talk about that uh yeah or i didn't get to say that in the opening in his


opening image is waking up alone because his closing image is being with her not alone it's him and his cat in


the little yeah yeah him and his cat yeah the love of his life in a way is a cat i wouldn't say the only woman in his life but his mom gets lots of phone


calls from her anyhow and she's stranded on the moon i didn't know she was standing on the moon i'd leave her on the moon too


um yeah anyhow so i think that's the her coming back into his life because they orchestrated the contest like he didn't


technically win like they yeah fixed it where he would have to because correct apparently it's very hard to get to


flosston pair all the everything is booked like nobody can get there that's why everybody needs to impersonate


it's like the super bowl on on steroids with yeah security with the the diva the performance i mean like he was


so i i think you're probably right but i think he was he was going to get those tickets whether he


wanted him or not yeah okay yeah so i just thought like when once he finally got to floss in paradise


it was after all of this conflict and people trying to take him out and impersonate him and uh right and now


he's there now he's he's lowering himself into the sleep chamber he's yeah but he doesn't get to be with her i feel


like it centers around because even when he's yeah it's the hour then wait and then he's there he knocks him out he can't even finally got a moment alone


with her and then he gets knocked out you know i mean with the the it's like it's like a false defeat for her but a false victory for


because because it's two tracks right like his emotional one which is her like if he if he saves the world he gets her


so yeah you know the two tracks have to have to join right yeah right so yeah i


think i think maybe the emotional midpoint i would agree is is heard back in his life because he


thought he lost yeah getting the tickets and but i feel like the the the hour story the


the goal because of all the struggle he had just to get there now he's there right and


now now that kind of makes sense is when they wake up she's gone out of the little little


thing he has to find her and the first thing he basically says to her is this isn't a vacation we're here to


save the world essentially right that might have been the words he when he was sliding into that sleep chamber okay now we're alone


we gotta save the world and i don't think i don't think he understood what she was yeah that's when she said no i protect


you yeah i'm i'm the fifth element right yeah and he's like no first time i'm talking to you


let me let me do this right she ends up kicking all the ass yeah yeah yeah


yeah because he's still trying to solve it his his way his way right yeah his way with violence and kicking indoors


and shooting people up or whatever and um and even i thought it was interesting that the father has to resort to


violence to and to get the tickets like yeah


and then she tries to breed him and say something yeah i'm not proud of what i did you know yeah right right no i i thought i thought that was played well


or whatever yeah so yeah all right so midpoint is is i think we're hitting


both pretty close it's the point at which they're getting to flosston or have gotten the tickets


that's that part of the story i think is yeah is in there and then we meet ruby rod yeah it


reminds me of cisco remember cisco yeah very much reminds me of yeah everyone yeah the thong song


right reminds me of cisco way before cisco i guess oh who is this girl what he was in yeah don't worry about it no


just an artist but yeah just i james said yes and so that's all i need once one person to go yeah i agree so yeah


bad guys close in so we've got the police coming to corbin's apartment corbin has lilu and father cornelius and then the the auto wash thing we talked


about earlier um and and i guess for me because mine's earlier it's just her coming back into his life so i guess


these might not be under your they're probably still in my fun and games under your funny game because the bad guys closed in i have they get to


flosston and the mangalore and zorg by proxy but i guess laura does show up are


waiting there like they're they're very quickly on the scene so just just to be clear real quick though the mangalore's


uh after the gun scene zorg pissed them off so now zorg is trying to get the stones the mangalores


are trying to get the stones from zorg to hold him captive yes bruce willis is trying to get the stones to save the


world several people are after this thing yeah yeah the megalors and zorg are not working together anymore afternoon so


now okay now on flosston paradise you've got three groups yeah there's at least three because they're all trying to


which that whole sequence of getting trying to impersonate yeah styles i thought was done


done well i did like the the mash-up so to speak of the fight scene with uh lilu while the opera


singer was singing yeah i thought that was um pretty well soundtrack yeah and there's a good um


just i like the transition there like when she's done singing they're all standing up or whatever clapping right yeah and i think it's i think it's ruby


rod he went over the only one but he actually voices the word bravo bravo and then they cut to zorg finding lilu


having wiped out all the mandalore and he goes bravo bravo oh there's like a bravo transition i don't


know what else to call it but a bravo transition i like that one so yeah that's just kind of cool and there's


yeah and yeah he goes in there and then yeah yeah it's because she i guess lily remembers that these were


the ones who shot because she has flashbacks of the ship crashing right uh so on some


level she recognize these as the ones that shot her shot her or shot the


mandate she wins yeah shipped down to i didn't really think about it but i guess she resorts to to to violence i guess because that like


payback revenge you know i mean like she had studied all the yeah but she's like violence is not her


way and not the answer that doesn't ultimately save them right but like i mean it's a cool fight sequence but i


mean and maybe i'm wrong i don't think about until just now yeah but like her like maybe that wasn't her plan is to go in there and beat them up but then she


wrote oh these are the [ __ ] that shut me up yeah yeah yeah these guys i'm about to beat them up you know because it still doesn't solve anything like she


beats them up but then the stones still aren't there and zora comes in shoots the place all up and she gets injured


and stuff like it that her beating them up doesn't well yeah because the the stones are in the in the diva diva which


i guess at this point we don't know because zorg thinks that they're in the box and again there's the sequence


empty right yeah just another empty box uh


yeah yeah cause zorg goes to flosston paradise to just do it himself yep he's frustrated and he finds the mistaken box


that the mandate not monica ones the mangalore's found yep so


poor zorg yeah no right yeah cause he was like if you gotta do


something you gotta do it yourself and you know so you think it anyway they're not in the case so uh


there were a couple of there was a scene or two here and sherry noticed it also uh sort of reminiscent of of die hard


like when he's um being shot at by the mongalorians or whatever and he's hiding


uh you know tell me the gun is throws the pool balls or whatever oh gosh thank you thank you


very much yeah it's almost like a shoot to glass scene because you know he's sitting there but then he like he jumps


yeah and he yells ah yeah like the scene when he's jumping off the roof of nakatomi right with the


explosion behind him all right i was talking about also when she's in the yeah the air ducts yes hiding in the air


duck she pulls the john mcclane for sure yeah i was thinking in the in the scene previous to that when ruby rod is entered you know walking the the


auditorium and she's like that guy is the football player laser ball player yeah and when i was a


kid i thought it was he can't hear anything because he's stoned out i thought oh he's this big celebrity


he's stoned no he's stone death yeah yeah yeah i ever caught the death part so now the throw me the gun makes sense


yeah just like it did until the second time i watched it yeah oh okay yeah i thought he was stoned out he was just


on you know who would have spice right whatever star wars correct right right yeah yeah so that there's a


negotiation so uh i have a false victory at the midpoint and of course all's lost a false defeat is that what


what is your fault defeat um what happens let's see so zorg shows up gets the box holding the stones milia is


getting shot in the air shaft and is injured the priest is captured and the diva killed


zorg sets a bomb a ticking clock and escapes with the case so it seems like everything


uh is going against them right uh yeah no that's essentially what i had yeah the diva getting shot and killed and


then because because i feel like his breaking the two is figuring out the the stones are in me what that means because


from that moment on he's yeah gung-ho on because that's the first time he picks up other than with the mugger that's the


first time he i think picks up a gun and starts doing this thing you know being bruce willis so he starts taking them


all out yeah yeah like he's running i'm gonna do it his way yeah right right which i think


to the back of the die hard references um like if you're gonna have a movie there with a bunch of action if you've got roosevelt's in your movie and this


is post i heart you gotta have bruce willis and have some cool stuff yeah like those are some of my favorite parts


of when i saw it the first time i'm like oh this is amazing i mean yeah they're still cool now but they're not you know i guess look at another stuff in the


movie now as opposed to when i was 15 or whatever when this came out yeah so i guess like the the all the was the


dark knight of the soul lilu is near death and is all that matters to like because he's


i guess he gets her out of the shaft yeah he has to find her and they go to the security cameras yes once they neutralize them uh


forget their name the mangalores yeah once they neutralize them he finds lilu through the security cameras it


goes and embraces her right yeah that's what happens she's getting her death or whatever and


the only losses heard being near death well dark knight is assault like he's okay yeah um so what's his breaking the three then well leto's near death


there's a bomb with only five minutes and so everyone has to evacuate zord gets zord returns to get the stones


carried but i guess ruby is carrying him at this point uh because yeah they've removed him from the removed him from the yeah he pulled


him out yeah so just i guess prior to getting the stones there's a lot of loss here for bruce and


everybody right yeah the break into three i have is uh


and and this i was a i was a little unsure of this uh they steals org ship the evil is


heading for or they get the the idea that the evil is heading for earth lidl gets to the w's of human history


and learns about war it seems to it seems to almost kill her and make her lose hope of doing her job so this is this to me


seemed like the darkest point of the film they steal zorg's ship is that right in


that zoro yeah zord gets there after realizing the stones are not in the second case that he's got goes back onto


the flosston paradise ship and bruce willis is like ooh free ship yeah yeah because that was passing like


they go in the elevator and here comes zorg yeah he misses so the break in the three the third act is the storming of the castle and all


that i have as them getting to the temple in egypt do you have it earlier yeah i have it earlier yeah


so the end of the second act would be zorg blowing up and flosting paradise is that right yeah and then blasting off on


zorg's ship from flosston paradise too now that now they're going to fight the big bad which is


yester shadow yeah yeah uh so now it's third act they're on the ship they're going yeah but i think i


think chris yeah i just had it earlier because like if they're he's already found legal right he's found lilu he's he's taken


off right they got the stones like that's a that's a false defeat right that they're they escaped being blown up


and we got the stones and i found lily like that doesn't ring true to me that that's a false defeat you know like they have a foster feeder falls


yeah false defeat well i guess up to the because because the the diva is dead


lilu is injured or whatever yeah zorg i i guess previous thought he had this


done like it seemed to happen very quickly but yeah it seems that


that they the victory is getting to flosston but then things happen and they don't have the


stones until he figures out that they're in the diva and he's but lilu is but then he's got


to protect the stones he's got to keep the bad guys from getting them so to me his breaking in three yeah is


him she says the stones are in me she needs you corbin yeah right and again he's still doing it the wrong way right


because he's not willing to profess his love which comes later but i'm gonna do it my way he picks up the gun he figures


out the stones are in her and he tells ruby hold on to these yes because ruby can't go kill all the mandalorians and you know they've got big four heads and


big teeth he can't do all that right the corbin gentleman can do it at this point and save the day his way yeah yeah so to


me that's i mean there's a big action scene there where if that's the if that's the always lost right like


then where's this breaking like that just feels like this big action scene this big moment for him picking up a gun and yeah having this action scene like


that to me just feels like too big of a moment for it to not to beat the the breaking the three or something like it doesn't


you know there's a the question i have uh i think there may be blurry i mean i disagree did he pick up a gun uh when


ruby rod had the mangalorian the gun to his head yeah that was a very funny scene bruce willis hadn't fired a


gun up until then right i don't think so no he's he's trying to defer he's put the gun on there and then he tells ruby


to hold him hold it right here if he moves kill him and then he's well give me a minute give me anything and that's when he figures out that he's trying to


do the non-violent thing just holding it that's true and then i don't know what she does what he does


but she's shooting i'm sorry and then apollo doesn't do when he's dead yeah it's more sense kind of linear like bruce willis


hadn't turned that corner yet right he was still trying to do the right thing yeah yeah


yeah because violence i guess even coming out of the military for whatever yeah yeah there's even like even the way


the president and then the monroe react to the way he deals with the situation yeah you know where did he learn that i


wonder how do you learn to negotiate like that here this is what you call a secret yeah like he's going there just shooting up


the place and you know taking care of it you know wipe them all out so after the


all is lost false defeat because also the dev getting killed lilu getting you know injured in the daredecker


air duct yeah still have those in the future yeah


um that to me is the yeah i guess is the always loss and his dark knight is the stones are in me corbin she needs you


him figuring that out and his bra everything else is breaking in three like taking all these guys getting the stones escaping off from the bomb like


it's all one big action sequence to me yes yeah yeah i think um but again it's interesting that we disagree well the


beach may be a little blurry and that's why we disagree i guess i was because uh i was looking for


a clear break in the action from one yeah situation to another until they had the stones


that are ready to storm the castle yeah so to speak i i just i guess i just i'm not saying you're wrong i guess yeah


maybe i was looking for two linear a break because when they take off to go to egypt


they are storming the castle which is essentially the third act uh gathering the team and all that other


stuff right yeah uh wouldn't that make sense though that the way that the second the second act started or the


first act ended was him driving off in the taxi yes the third act starts with them heading in the ship to that that's


where i would think the third break would be yeah no i mean it feels like it but it just seems it just i don't know it bugs me because it's not


a false defeat or whatever yeah cause it's like because it's because of the the whole breaking the three is in the dark knight is another debate scene like


the catalyst i can either do something about this or i can just let it happen right right he's already recovered the


stones he's already got leeloo like where were they headed right he was just i mean i guess his choice is don't go


take out the big alien planet and save the world and just spend your last five minutes with lilu i mean that's unclear


if that's the choice yeah and so i feel like the choice you know either they're surrounded by bad guys figure out what


she means by the stones or in me or wait and get killed or captured or whatever's going to happen


if i'm being shot at and captured where the hell's at and it's all massive chaos so i feel like that's his breaking the


three and they're just upping the the ante like he dealt with the bad guy but oh guess what zorg's not the main


bad guy here's this cosmic entity you still got to deal with that and that's where the i don't know yeah i mean i don't


intentionally because he's breaking the three auto be also learning his lesson and dealing with it and with love which


he doesn't so this word i guess goes to your point at the end when they're delighting all the stones like it's


there's no violence there to solve to save the day like no guns or anything can save the day in this story it's


right right it has to be yeah yeah because i think up to the point where he gets the stones out of


the diva yeah is definitely a dark knight because once he gets the stones out i remember thinking about that well


how is that you know he gets the stones now yeah but there's still lilu i guess but yeah um


yeah i can see what you're saying because once he gets the stones it's not necessarily a bad thing anymore right yeah right so that could be where the


third act starts and unless it's a false victory yeah when we have it backwards it's fine i would argue that it's a false victory


because what's the false jones finally lose everything's safe oh no no it's not as far as bruce willis is concerned i


mean correct me if i'm wrong but nowhere in the movie is bruce willis aware of the shadow planet yeah


why did they explain that just because bruce will because they forgot to bruise along the way but you're right maybe it's yeah his false to your point they're


breaking into three is gonna deal with the shadow planet thing because at this point he's gotten everything he thought he wanted zorg's dead yeah


the bad aliens are dead he's on his way back home yeah he doesn't know about the shadow planet i mean unless it was


mentioned somewhere else in the movie yeah no no he doesn't yeah i felt like it was one of the spots at the writing


that bothered me was them having to tell them at the end you know i was like wait a minute but all they did was you're going to save the


world so he thought okay stones you got zorg and these mandalore guys get the stones cool i'm good good now


what do you mean we got to go to egypt that's so yeah that's all it's victory then i don't know


the midpoint what's the main point it's gonna be a false uh defeat somewhere losing her but that seems way early


yeah i don't know what would be to i'd have to go back and look at it about getting to maybe the false defeat would


be there at the end where lilu just doesn't want to do it but i don't know structure-wise yeah i


don't yeah well you know because this whole breaking of three is convincing her to


to help them out and and do that right and we gotta my way's not gonna work you have to yeah so i think you're right i


think that is him taking off is the breaking the three if it's a false yeah all right victory so the false defeat is


and and these things aren't 100 rigid i mean more guides than anything but yeah so


there is some i think we're hitting around it though but the third act is certainly dealing with there you go chris


yeah the third act is certainly dealing with the um goes by real quick it does


the third act is certainly dealing with and defeating the mr shadow and the evil right so


uh very quickly i just had the gathering of the team so the team is essentially gathered but


they got to work together to try to figure out what how these stones work and it isn't


until the young priest discovers uh which i thought i thought was pretty clever you know i like the way they did that breathing on it


tell me exactly what you did i said we're not gonna make it and they'll just stand there yeah you know


even ruby rod's coming about why don't i do one that's broke one's broke whatever i have to get the broke


one right so a lot of a lot of good sequences there the the high tower surprise okay so you


they still in the castle but then there's another setback uh lilu seems to die they only have five minutes and they


have to and they have no idea how to work the stones right yeah this is when uh the young priest discovers how he


made his work that would be the one thing i would think that would be passed along through generations of that priesthood


is how you operate the damn stones right well he says theoretically yeah in theory he keeps saying in through theory but yeah but they've never had to they


never had to do it like five thousand years ago yeah someone yeah you should have wrote it down right that would have been oh damn i know right maybe maybe


the professor at the beginning of the movie hadn't gotten that far yeah yeah well okay yeah


the dig the dig deep down i have is this conversation that he has with lilu that you know that


you are just going to destroy yourselves what we're saving for and you know yeah and he says well you know love or whatever and and so


love is worth saving you know and she has a good line i don't know love right right yeah yeah yeah


uh execution of the new plan this is the five step the five stage finale that edwards has come up with


uh storm the castle gathering the team dig deep down execution of the new plan


lilu rises so uh and then evil is destroyed right so yeah they get all the stones and the final image lilu and


corbin happy uh love and his perfect woman right so to your point that he was alone he's looking for his


perfect woman well at the end he's not alone he's happy and he's got his perfect woman i really


liked that scene and i really liked that very the the freeze frame image of them smiling at each other with the i


thought i even like the blue like the blue and the distorted color yes i thought like every time i see that i


just feel good like so i really think they nailed that i really like the song that's playing under there like i'll let


that play yeah yeah it's so cool yeah it uh yeah for somebody with all the right


feelings yeah yeah absolutely um yeah so that's that's everything i had about it uh i liked this movie i really


did yeah so maybe it's bugging me on the the beats so maybe going back to


the midpoint being we said it's gonna be a false defeat if getting the stones finding lily was a false victory right


maybe being reunited with her um and then being knocked out and separated from her again is a false defeat or


something that could be yeah it's definitely a foster and then you know it's it's all fake or whatever because


you know the father there is for nefarious purposes where brady knocks him out and you know but he comes back to him right well that that had to that


has to make sense because when the stewardess hits the button only he


falls asleep we only see him fall down yeah no she's going down the road knocking them all out yeah nobody was


still awake yeah she didn't hit hers yeah so that's that may be a point of that's where i just had her in my hands


and yeah it's gone yeah it kind of makes sense okay i'm right yeah and then he gets her but it's false victory because


you still got to deal with this alien thing this alien cosmic entity whatever it is another situation he gets


knocked out now he can't talk to her guns won't in his way guns won't solve it at the end yeah that's good


yeah you can tell the show you love this movie yeah what did you would you uh


you like anything about it what did you why did you not like it i guess you don't like sci-fi i don't i don't like


that type of sci-fi your your name and all these kind of whatever they are the races or


the the british and i'm like it's a lot the the the language was hard for me you know


she uh she doesn't like time travel for the same reason oh i don't like time travel no but no star wars no no i like


st i like star wars and i like back to the future that's acceptable for time travel


however um i mean this this movie it was worth watching once yeah i won't watch it


again yeah yeah it had its moments it was funny um


yeah it's weird i mean it's out there for sure yeah it's very stylish weird movie it's very very visually it's i


think which is like like 2001 and space odyssey and all that are so stylistic i can't watch them like i don't like


kubrick kubrick is that way anyway right but you know like i feel the same way about


2001 that whole scene at the end with the baby and embryo come on man give me something at least you know you just


don't get it phil i don't i absolutely do not get it even even the traffic scenes in this movie were too chaotic


for me i mean you know i'm like okay what what's the fog and why are they you know i just like that's the


cool part about this director is all that little tiny stuff like you were mentioning the more spikes they have the


higher up they are even the ads in the background and the cars they were just they were great yeah


and so it added that anxiety for me when you see all that zooming around you're like oh my god if you watch


if you watch the fact track like every half a second there's a fact coming up i mean i i finally just stopped watching


it yeah because it was so much there is so much and there's a whole nother disc


to the to the one i have which i'm sure is nice because they kept making if you want to know more about this watch the such and


such documentary on the disc like oh my god wow so yeah you could we could yeah anyway very stylistic uh the world in


these kind of movies is almost important it's almost another character yeah the way it's so developed yeah i would say you know kind of take it back to the


beginning of the podcast of i don't know how that story would be stretched into three movies as it was


intended but the world that might be cool to see another story in that world right to see what could be


done with it because it was a very vivid colorful well the thing yeah i mean the idea of flying like mine


this world almost feels like minority report right with the world only have like flying cars yeah yeah


know that's obviously more serious it's not a comedy or whatever this isn't really a comedy and even the the


cigarette dispenser in his house the it's only four a day your goal is to quit my goal is to quit yeah yeah and it


was extra long filters yeah a little bit of signal like two puffs on it and it's gone yeah yeah a


dystopian so this world is not overcrowded obviously you know it's it's actually


reading about the table you know i mean let's bring but it's one of the the few like cheery futuristic


you know uh version of like the versions of the future like it's happy like people aren't depressed like most time people go it may be this is


messed up it's the future but everybody's happy for everybody it's generally the same as it is now yeah type of thing you think this world


almost like you know if you looked at uh judge dredd right that that world yeah the same city but that is dark and


depressing right i mean right you know i'm living in the opposite side of the coin i think yeah right now yeah for sure i'm living in fulfillment versus


judge drake because yeah same kind of feel of the city just as yeah mega city one and judge red and


blade runner could yeah those feel like they were in the same universe almost all right all right


so i'd give it a recommend i think sherry would definitely give it a recommend


it's not one of those that i would watch over and over no but i think it's important though because there's some movies where i'm like i'm not even watching that once so to just to say i'd


watch it well it's got bruce willis of course yeah there was no way a blind date i wish i hadn't watched it you know


i mean so well you talk about the two directors though the competence and the vision of


now i don't want to slam blake edwards because he makes a certain kind of movie and he probably did that well


but so maybe it's apples and oranges but just in terms of storytelling i don't think you go to a blake edwards movie to


get a story though i don't think i think you go to black awards to see gangs and so you really can't slam him


for that he did his genre well but maybe it's not something that it's


maybe it's the difference between like popcorn and rib eye steak right i mean you know you want a snack you get an


edward's movie but i say bologna sandwiches ragu steak yeah


i would say i what are our three options recommend uh pass consider recommend i


actually had to recommend i'd pat sorry i'd recommend it yeah absolutely i'm


going backwards i recommend it yeah no i would i'd give it a hard recommend i i enjoyed it


yeah if i was a producer i'd put my money on it yeah very good even though luke mason would


have me nowhere near set right i'd put money on it well i i make money on it and pray the daily has come back


the way you you know i hope you imagine the producer sitting there going what is this what is he making right well and then


you look at something like leon which is a totally different film i mean it's a modern day you know but both those films are


amazing right yeah that one's very sparse very character mood-driven yeah


so yeah so it's the competence of the storyteller that i mean i think busan is for sure has really got it well cool any


other thoughts all right well that is fifth element hopefully they hopefully


whoever listens to it can watch fifth element with a little bit more uh perspective now sure absolutely all


right maybe it'll take sherry's approach and multi-pass you know common dallas multipass


yes yes all right we're out you just don't get it phil i don't i absolutely do not get it


leave me alone you're not invited on set doing


i remember seeing it in the theater the opening weekend i knew nothing about the movie


okay well i've been trying to avoid watching it all these years an innocent a sudden event life and


death he made this role his very own


yeah the good guy in the bad guy never me that's a good problem


you know yeah they're very surprised that it's a woman yeah right the perfect is not her maintenance