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I Am Being Tested
Episode 12018th January 2021 • EGO NetCast • Martin Lindeskog
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I am going through a tough period right now, but I am seeing great opportunities for the this new year. I will not really kick-it off, until the Asian new year, thinking about the Metal Ox. I will come back to my 3+ words for this year, in the near future. My main focus is to finish the work with my ”last,” site, and launch TeaParty.Media as soon possible. For the record: the name Tea Party Media is not associated with a political party or the modern tea party movement in any form, shape or manner. That said, I will continue to publish posts and episodes on politics and the tea party movement. I will also talk about what happened at the Boston Tea Party in 1773. In this day and age, it is more than ever an important issue to understand the history, and learn from it, don’t you think?

As podcaster, I have become a beta tester for a service, so you will see more ”note from the editor” (i.e., yours truly), in the near future. I will also test out new podcasting tools, now and then. And you will hear me talking about the so called podcasting movement and The Podcasting Academy in the future. Recently it was an article in the mainstream media in Sweden, about getting paid as a podcaster and that listeners will have to pay in order to listen to podcasts. I will comment on this notion, and come up with a service and product, during this year.

I have to catch up with the show notes for the latest episodes, search for a affordable transcript service, and plan for new guests on my show. My goal is to continue with the broadcasts on Happs.

On a personal note: I am wondering if I have light version of BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). It is called ”crystal disease” in Swedish. Related episode: Wobbly Wrap Before Summer Break.

Maybe episode number 120 has a positive ring to it, what do you think? I searched on Google and found a site called Affinity Numerology. Should I test the chocolate-covered recipes, Amish style, that is displayed on the site?

Call to Action: Support a ”poor” capitalist via PayPal, and purchase Tea Party Media merchandise.

Episode 120 (8 minutes) was recorded on January 17, 2021, by podcaster, Martin Lindeskog, with Backpack Studio appIK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast podcasting microphonePreSonus HD7 professional monitoring headphones, and SnapRecorder portable recording booth. Post-production through the podcast maker, Alitu. Notes written in Ulysses app. Bumper and jingle by Jim Jonsson, JTunes Productions.

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