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Building Strong and Authentic Relationships in Business with Billy Brown of The Golf Sanctuary
Episode 12410th October 2022 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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Billy Brown is the Founder and CEO of The Golf Sanctuary, Founder of The Investors Capital Group, Entrepreneur, Amazon Best Selling Author-Success Habits of Super Achievers", Syndicator, Investor, Strategist, and Co-Host of a private investors club.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 -11:35] What’s Going On in the Real Estate Market Now

  • How recession will impact the debt market
  • There will be good buying opportunities in the next three to six months for commercial properties regardless of the   rising interest rate 
  • Seeing things from a macro-view helps with coming up with logical decisions amidst the crisis

[11:36 - 22:54] Business is All About Relationships

  • Billy talks about Bridge Loan
  • Business is adding value where needed. That’s how you can create a network
  • Creating a vibrant private investor community 
  • Real estate is a small world. It is important to cultivate relationships and avoid being transactional 
  • People prefer to do business with people they trust

[22:55 - 50:35] Building a Passionate Community

  • Combining passion and profit through The Golf Sanctuary
  • You can find business opportunities where there’s a need
  • The lessons Billy learned from the business side of the game
  • People need  a community that serves as their safe space to enjoy and talk about business at the same time
  • Common elements of success for those who are able to experience success

[37:58 - 40:02] Closing Segment

Key Quotes:

“Great things happen when you pursue your ideas and your visions and your dreams. And people come into place. Then it kind of unfolds.” - Billy Brown

“If you treat people wrong in this community, especially in real estate, it's a small world and you will get ostracized very quickly and everybody knows each other.”  - Billy Brown

“If you focus on money, you’ll be disappointed.” - Billy Brown

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