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Ep 127: How to Minimize Stress and Improve Our Health Using Our Brains
Episode 12714th December 2021 • Building a Life You Love Podcast • Kristin Fitch
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On today's episode Kristin talks to Alison Leitheiser, an Alternative Health Care Practioner, about training our brain to change the course of our day and how we can use simple techniques and exercises to reduce stress, improve our health and be more connected to our bodies and to be more present.

Alison shares her story of being a teenager who experienced a major health crisis and lost all movement from her neck down for a year of her life- she was living as a quadriplegic and the doctors had no idea why or how to help her. She goes onto explain that her family eventually found an alternative health clinic who believed they could help her and lo and behold they did. It was her journey through that health crisis that moved Alison into becoming an Alternative Health Care Prationer so she could help others be well and take care of themselves.

This is a fantastic episode about how each of us needs to practice self-care and learn how to balance our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems so we can learn to live calmer, healthier lives. And often it's entrepreneurs who sometimes ignore or push aside caring for our bodies and listening to ourselves for many years- this is a great episode to reset our habits and practices as we move into the New Year.

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