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281 Fun with Marketing • Michelle Grasek
Episode 2816th December 2022 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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Practitioners today navigate a dynamic and ever-evolving world of marketing and communications. There are so many ideas about practice building and how to use technology when it comes to attracting the attention of potential patients, and inviting them through our clinical door, and then retaining them as patients. 

How to get your message across in an effective way to the people who are looking for someone like you can be a challenge in the chaotic noisy world of the Internet. You have to know who it is you want to serve, and then speak to them in a way that they feel heard and understood.

The goal of marketing is to reach the right people, using a language that allows them to feel seen and understood. This might sound easy, but the reality is you need to continuously recalibrate your message and approach. 

In this conversation with Michelle Grasek, we look into the increasingly nuanced layers of marketing our medical practices and prospecting for clients. We cover some gems of marketing wisdom regarding the fundamentals you should not ignore and how to craft a compelling marketing message that resonates with patients. We also discuss the best marketing mediums to explore along with the best practices to explore them.

Listen into this discussion on the marketing strategies, dos & don’ts, channels, techniques, and tactics that can help your phone to ring with patients saying “I want to schedule an appointment.”