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Alex Sanfilippo, Founder of PodPros, PodMatch, PodcastSOP and PodLottery
Episode 123rd January 2023 • Podcasting Resources Guide • Juergen Berkessel
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I am super excited to feature serial podcasting entrepreneur Alex Sanfilippo the creator of several amazing platforms for podcasters such as podmatch, podcast SOP, Pod Lottery and pod Talks.

If you're passionate about podcasting and want to learn how to be successful, this episode with Alex Sanfilippo is a must-listen! He discusses his journey as a serial entrepreneur in the industry, the challenges he's faced, and his vision for the future of podcasting. You'll also get tips on how to find guests for your podcast and build valuable relationships with other podcasters.

1. Alex's journey as a serial entrepreneur in the podcasting industry

2. The challenges and opportunities Alex has encountered along the way

3. Alex's vision for the future of podcasting

4. The importance of serving one person at a time

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